Friday, July 2, 2010

Better Day. I hope it sticks

Today was actually pretty good. It started off by not going to work and kind of getting some sleep, but not really...BUT! After that, I went up to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. I've signed up to volunteer there and I think that I'll be taking care of plants outside, but who knows yet. After that I got to see my Grandma, who is just awesome and adorable. :) She always makes me smile.

Then, the highlight. I went horseback riding!!! I haven't done that in years! And I loved every second of it. My horses name was Roxy, and she was pretty 'foxy.' Haha! No, she was really great. She took a little to get going at some points, especially when she wanted a snack along the way...Cam had a gassy, yet cute, horse named Moon. We had an legendary time and I can't wait to go back!

After we met a friend and went down to the Riverfront, which immediately reminded me as to why I never went there when I was in high was sooo lame! So we decided to be awesome instead and go to Hibachi instead...nom nom nom! I even got to play sand volleyball tonight! I miss volleyball a lot...and this was just a blast, even if we totally bombed!

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  1. The river front is so boring... and I'm allowed to drink. It's full of wither 15 year olds or 40+ and I'm not interested in being friends with either age group.