Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Blame it on the alcohol"

Wow, this 30 Days of Truth thing is taking WAY longer than thirty days...mostly because when I look at the prompt I'm all like, "Ehhh....I don't want to write about that. I'm gonna go eat something."

Anyway, this prompt is on my thoughts on drugs and alcohol. I don't really know where to begin with this one because it can be all controversial and what not. Who wants to do that..? HA!

I think it's appropriate that I write this post now though because I just visited the lovely city of Amsterdam, and we all know what goes on in that city. And no, I'm not talking about the Red Light district...though I did walk past a brothel and these two women were just sitting inside in front of the doorway in lingerie and I was all like, WHOA! Wasn't expecting that! Because we were NOT in the Red Light District. I ha
d a good time, and yes I was responsible and no I'm not going to say what I did and did not do because that isn't your business :P

So. Drugs. Gernerally DUMB! I mean, if you have fun, as my house mate Milo says, "Blowing some trees" (i.e.-Mary jo) every once in a while, whatever floats your boat. Just be responsible about your fun. I know that these things are bad for your body, but so is eating a butt load of cookie dough. Just don't be stupid. Don't over do it. They are, as you would say, "soft drugs" and I don't really think that they would lead to anything harder. Plus, I also don't think that pot heads are going to be the ones out robbing banks. Have you ever met a pot head? I live with some. All they want to do is eat some pizza and watch a movie. They aren't going anywhere. Relax.

Hard drugs are another issue though. They are the ones that lead to other problems. They create problems for friends and family. Those that abuse drugs are the ones that are often breaking the law and hurting their loved ones the most. Trust me, I know this from experience.

I don't really know what to say about alcohol. I used to be all like, Drinking is stupid, merrrr!! But since I've been in Europe, I've found how much fun it can be. Like with most things in this world, you just need to be responsible. Things to remember:

1. Know your limits
2. Don't drink and drive
3. Have a safe place to stay
4. Don't leave with anyone you don't trust/know

Monday, April 25, 2011

"When are you going to start packing?"

...ummm... Excuse me? What do you mean when am I going to start packing? It isn't time to leave yet!!! We just got here! There's no way it's time to go home already!!!

But it is. It IS time to go home. I have one class, one paper, three finals, fours days of work, and thirteen days left here in Geneva. Ho.Ly.Ca-rap! This is not real...

But it is. It IS real. My life in Geneva is almost over and I can't believe it. It feel like we have only been here a few short weeks. But then again, things from the beginning seem like so long ago. It's really weird. I'm waiting to wake up from my dream.

I am excited to go home though. I miss my family and my friends. I miss my car no matter how crappy it is. I like being able to just get in my car and go somewhere. No bus! I miss good food that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Though, let me tell you, I've still gained too much weight here...hello diet when I get home! I will miss the bread and the chocolate though...oh! the chocolate! :) For sure taking some of that home...

You know what else is cool?!?! I'll be turning twenty-one in thirteen days!!! I'm getting sooo old! HA! I'm excited for my birthday. I know I'll be feeling a million and one times better than I did last year at that time. I'm a different girl than I was a year ago and I'm glad. Even today, a day I thought would be God AWFUL turned out to be
not bad at all. I've actually not thought about my break up at all. Well, except right now... It's been so great! I made this fabulous dinner for the people I like here and they all loved it. Which always makes me feel good. It's just been really nice. Not's nice :)

This is my IneedtodothisbeforeIleave list:
-Write a paper -ICK!
-Study -ICK!
-Find a bag to take all my accumulated stuff ho
me in... -EEK!
-Go to Lausanne... I HATE Lausanne....
-Start packing -Double ICK!

Someone save me please.... BUT!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mind is a jukebox

Do you ever hear a word or a phrase that just sparks a song in your head? This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

I'm pretty ok with it though because I love music. I'm a pretty music based person. I listen to it as much as possible, I love the radio, I love my iPod, I love singing even though I kill the ears of fish. (Yes, I know they really don't have ears...they probably evolved in knowledge of the day when I would sing and they wouldn't be able to hear it so they wouldn't lose them.)

A lot of my life has been defined by music. Growing up both of my parents were constantly having some sort of music going. I mainly grew up on classic rock- the Stones, the Who*, the Beatles, etc. I heard popular music. Sometimes. Not that my parents sheltered me from it, they just knew what was what. Oldies were where it was at. I still love them. Half of my iTunes are random songs from my childhood that make me go, aww...I remember listening to this when...

*Note: My dad would always love to confuse the crap out of me when I was a littleun when it came to The Who. A song they sing would come on the radio or one of his mix CASSETTES in the car and he would be like, "Hey, El, who is this?" "I don't know, daddy, who?" "Right!" "Huh? No, who?" "Who." "What?!" -starts crying out of frustration- Yeah, thanks, dad...*

Anyway, I know this is kind of random, but I was writing a paper earlier, listening to my music, in the zone, and up pops Steely Dan. Hey memories! How ya doin'!? Right now Somebody to Love by Queen is playing which of course makes me think of karaoke with Denise.

I think it's true that music is a tool for recognition. I can't focus on study-like tasks if it's quite. Must. Have. Music. I tend to do better on tests when I study with music. I also write better papers when I have music on. I don't know why, I just do. You can literally tell in a paper where I was listening to music and where I was not. It's weird.

Music is the way of my life. I love it.

To associate this with roommates and I are always blasting music. We share music. We sing together. We dance around our room sometimes. haha! We have a Geneva playlist which is kick-ass. It has lots-o-Glee on it.

Some songs from our trip:
-What do you know about little secrets - White Panda
-Valerie -Glee Version
-All Summer - Kid Cudi

So. Many. More. LOVE!!!

Sorry for the random...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just 23 days...

...until I leave Genev. It's so strange. I've been here for three and a half months and it feels like I've been here maybe 3 weeks.

I've had so many adventures I can't even begin to think about it because, as our saying for this trip has become, THIS ISN'T REAL LIFE! And the fact that this isn't real life makes me feel like every time I do something I'm going to be snapped out of this fantastic dream world that has become my daily life.

I was walking down the street with my friend Alyssa today and I just couldn't help but be taken aback by how much this place means to me.
When I first arrived in Genev, I didn't know what to expect other than cold ass-weather and things to be real flipping expensive. While the prices of things still tend to shock me, I'm getting more used to things costing so much. Example: A small jar of peanut butter costs CHF3.50, which is almost $4.00. Or chicken costing about CHF26.00 per 100g. All of us are meat deprived. *coughfeedmesomemeatydeliciousnesswhenIgethomeMomcough* And the weather has been rather mild, so I can't complain. Especiall
y since I got more TAN (tanner??) this weekend :D

Genev has been a place full of unexpected-ness. I've experienced so much here and I know in the few short weeks I have will give me that much more. Like jet skiing. I cannot wait to go jet skiing on the lake in a couple of weeks. Also, Genev is not full of the nicest people. Except Olivia, I LOVE her! They are very judgey. Apparently in Geneva it is taboo to wear tennis shoes, t-shirts, jeans, flip flops, shorts (without tights), sweats, hoodies, i.e.-anything I like to wear... They like to stare and make mean comments in French. My favorite instances are when my friends who speak French know exactly what they are saying and then will start speaking to them in French. It's fantastic.

I'll definitely miss it here. For a little while I was just wanting to go home. But now I would love to stay! The weather is just getting more and more beautiful. It has truly become a home for me. And I have a couple really great friends here that make it that much better. They make me laugh. I love to laugh. Muahaha.

I'll miss the food that I can afford that I like here. Like the bread. And the chocolate. HOLY CRAP. NOM.

I won't miss the fact that nothing is open on Sundays except kebab shops and that everything closes in the city by six or seven every night.

It is going to be such a culture shock going home...

Oh, Genf. You will be missed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok, Geneva, we need to talk...

I'm not breaking up with you. Not yet anyway. But do you have to tease me with your beautiful days when you know I have to be cooped up inside doing school work and my internship?? Not. Fair. Plus, you know I'm leaving soon...this just isn't cool.

However, I do appreciate the fact that I could go paddle boating on the lake yesterday and lay out in the sun all weekend. :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Goes my skin! EEEeewwww....Sorry.

So, Mallorca. GORGEOUS. And slightly painful in the sunburn department, but that's what I get for being my pale winter self and laying out on the beach for something like five hours. But I digress...

EARLY on Friday morning Alexis, Alyssa, Eden, Kristi, Zach, and I headed to the airport to catch our flight to this lovely island off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. When we boarded the plane, the sun still wasn't up, but that's ok, because we got to board not via one of those stupid hallway things but like this!!!

I felt all old school and like I needed a hat like old-fashioned ladies would wear when they would fly.

When we landed in Mallorca, we grabbed a cab, and by that I mean two cabs because apparently there is some sort or lame law that there can only be five people in one cab, including the driver. I really just think it's to further rip off the many tourists that go there, but hey, what do I know?

Our hotel was nothing short of amazing. First off, it was an apartotel, which means it had a little kitchen area and a little living room area. So awesome! We had two rooms* which both looked over this beautiful courtyard and a really cool pool and all the men that were there. And I say that not as a swooning twenty year old but as a cold hard fact that I'm pretty sure we were five of maybe twelve women there. No. Joke. And they were all from the United Kingdom so obviously I didn't needto spend all that money in London a couple of weeks ago because I literally experienced mini-England in Spain.

*Just a note: these two rooms, for two nights, literally cost fifteen euro for both nights, which is about twenty US dollars. This just made it that much more awesome.

We spent most of the day at the beach on Friday. It was

spectacular. First off, the water was crystal clear. It was cold but ok to put your feet into for like 30 seconds. The sun was amazing and I got a lot of sunburn and now I'm all goldeny. :)

Favorite tan line: fell asleep on my back, woke up to my bikini bottom string across my waist. Moved it and BAM tan line.

Saturday I walked around with Zach and Eden and we shopped and jus

t bummed around. It was a really nice day. I bought a floppy hat! that I'm totally in love with and will be taking with me to Aruba when I go there next summer with two of my favorite people ever! But that's a later story...

You know what I loved about this trip? Well, two things actually...

1) I got to relax. It wasan actual vacation and it was lovely. I returned home on Sunday and the only thing that hurt was my lobster-ness. 2) No. Drama. Everyone that went I liked and we all had fun. We laughed. We talked. It was fantastic. :D

Oh, Mallorca, be in my life again.

Eden, Me, Alexis, Kristi, and Alyssa