Friday, August 26, 2011

A scenario I hope never happens...

I'm actually writing one of the 30 Days of Truth posts because I feel like writing, I need to write to distract myself. There has been too much happening in the past few days that has messed with my head and feelings and whatever. Stupid emotions... So here we go...

Your best friend gets in a car accident and you just got in a fight, what do you do??

I hope that this would never ever happen, but you never know with the universe. And with my luck and life, it just might.

If Denise and I were to have a huge fight and then she would be in an accident, I would feel awful! I would be all, "Why couldn't we just agree that there was too much garlic in the flipping food?!?!" Because she and I really don't fight. We just talk about how we're feeling with each other and we know that no matter what we can tell each other anything without feeling bad about it. We're kind of awesome like that. :D and then I would rush to where ever she was and hug her and smooch her face and tell her, "You're right! There's no such thing as too much garlic! Love me again!" Then life would be ok again.

After that we would laugh, cry, and laugh some more. I would bring her mashed potatoes every day and read her Harry Potter. And probably the Hunger Games. Love books!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Patience, grasshopper.

Lately I feel like my life has become a teeny drama on ABC Family and I'm not really ok with that...just sayin...

Erik contacted me about a month ago...I really had no idea what to think about the whole thing, but boy did all of my friends and family. Everyone was telling me what an ass he is and how dare he talk to me again! I was all like, Dude, I've wanted to talk to him since he walked out my door last April. Back off!

Since then we've texted a lot. Nothing too serious. We met for lunch a week ago...that was interesting. Some of the stuff he told me I was like, SERIOUSLY?! What happened to you?! And other stuff I was like, wow, you've grown up a lot...

I'm totally confused about everything. I miss him. A lot. Seeing him didn't give me butterflies, but it reminded me of old times in a way. Since then I've realized, that despite him having hurt me and him becoming someone I didn't know he would ever be even though he has said he isn't happy, and I can see the guy I know and loved in there, he just has to find him...and want to find him... I still care about him. If he were to call me up and say, I want to give this another try, I wouldn't hesitate. I would say, took you long enough to realize that we're supposed to be together. DUH.

After having lunch last week I didn't hear from him for days...I went to the bar, met a guy who I thought was pretty ok, but found out he's a crazy mean jerk!, then on the way home lost it and sobbed about how much I missed Erik, and why won't he talk to me?! So when I stopped being a blubbering mess I sent him a text and asked if we were never going to talk again...when he replied in the morning he said that he just had a lot on his mind after we hung out. Which I get. Completely. We were both confused... So I told him to let me know if he wanted to talk about stuff and to let me know when he's figured stuff out. He said, "I will. Promise."

We've talked since then, but not about what he was confused about. I actually heard from him that same day, which totally surprised me because I figured that I wouldn't hear from him for a long time. Perhaps that is why I'm going so crazy, I've heard from him but not about what he was thinking, so he wants to talk to me but either still doesn't know or doesn't want to tell me...I think I'm going with the first. It just makes the most sense to me right now... I want to's starting to bother me. But I just have to be patient. I can't let this get to me and I have to let him come to me. If I push, I'll lose him again. And I don't want that. Once was bad enough. I mean, I could do it again if I had to. I know I'll survive because I have once already. I know that if he had figured it out he would tell me. He's a guy, they aren't all, Let's play mind games, yay!! No. He would just tell me. Patience, patience, patience. Must have patience.



Yes, I know I've crazy...

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm in a tizzy!

Being home has been an interesting experience. Almost as interesting as galavanting around Europe for four months. A lot has happened this past year, and today in therapy I started to fully realize how much I've really changed and grown and how much more I will change.

To begin with, I'm moving out. Yes. I'm truly going to be an adult-like person and rent my own apartment with my good friend Sri. I think it will be awesome. But scary. EEP! Today I switched the electric and internet bills to my name. BILLS?! Really..?? Ugh...

I got asked out on a date. By a guy at Autozone when my alternator totally died and I needed a new one. Yeah. Smooth...bahahah...

I haven't gone on the date yet though because, well, I don't know. I do know that I've been super busy with work. It's basically consuming my life and eating my soul. You should be totally jealous. Though I really can't complain because I need the money like whoa bad! Also, I think he may be a slacker guy based on the fact that he has been in college just as long as I have, if not a bit longer, and has no major to speak of and no clue what to do with his life. I'm driven. I need someone else who is so I'm not all like, Hey man, I'm running the world over here, care to put the beer down and help?

But then again, what's one date?

But why waste my time?

So. Many. Options.

Plus, I just have so much to think about. I'm still working on getting over the whole Erik debacle and learning how to do things for myself. I'm enjoying the single life, but I still miss having a partner. I'm learning to be my own anchor.

As always, I'm working on the weight situation. Last year I dropped forty pounds and felt sick all the time. When I went to Europe I gained about thirty and when I came home I kept gaining. Ick.. So I started working out even though I HATE working out. But I want to feel better about myself. Plus I want to fit into and look good in the clothes that I bought not very long ago.

Love working on things for myself. :) It's new.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well that was interesting...

I can't remember if I've ever talked about my car before. If not, this is the basic run down of the hunk-o-junk that is my car...

It's a 1998 Chevy Cavalier and I named him Carlisle. And it falls apart. All. The. Time.

I got it two years ago and since then many things have broken on it. The coolant pipe broke and all the coolant leaked out of it. By the way, the mechanic looked at me and said, "I've never seen a coolant pipe break before...and I've been a mechanic for a looong time." Great Mr. Mechanic man, I appreciate that... I needed a new muffler when it decided to FALL OFF my car...oh, oh! And the center pipe had a whole in it so I had to get that fixed. And when the muffler fell of it rubbed on the tire, causing it to get to the point where if I had driven a little further it would have burst and I would have died! Hmmm...then there is the leak in my power steering fluid line, so my car squeaks when it's empty. And the engine is making some random loud noise and I can't figure out what's wrong with it...and now the alternator died. WOOOHOOO!!!!

So yesterday, when the battery light came on, I took Carlisle to Autozone to have them test it. And this guy helped me out whilst flirting with me. Which, ya know, why the hell not?? And he told me what was wrong so when I went back today he was there again. He needed my number for something in the computer. When I left he asked if that number was good to call. Soooo I'm going on a date. EEEEEPPP! This is soo weird. I went to the movies and such with Jason, but I don't know how that went and I haven't been on a date since then.

I guess I'm just nervous. I think it'll be fun though. I mean, it's just one night. Right? Why the hell not.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need a life.

Dear GOD I haven't written in FOR.EV.ER.

Probably because I have nothing, and I mean NOTHING to talk about since returning home from Geneva. Most likely because my life is now BORING and I have nothing to do like jet off to Austria or Spain or something. That's just so so so much cooler than, so I went to work today and then came home and ate a crap load of food, further adding to the fatty-fatness that I have become since Europe. To help counter that I've started swimming again. And let me tell you. My body doesn't like its...OUCH!

It is good to be home though. I missed it. But I miss Geneva. But home is good. But Geneva was so cool! UGH!!...confusion...

I've just been working a TON which is good because I am now POOR and hanging out with a lot of friends that I missed like ca-RAZY! And I've also been enjoying my monumental amounts of alone time. Seriously. When you live with a crap load of people for four months and never get a second to yourself, you appreciate the time you get to yourself. And the fact that you can do WHATEVER and not have to worry about someone random coming into your space. Not that I didn't love my roommates, because I did. And they know it.

Something fun/cool/exciting that has happened it that I turned 21. And I celebrated. A lot. With a few of my favorite people. :) It was a really good birthday. Monumentally better than last year. Thank God...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Proud to be an American

Ya know, sometimes I get annoyed with America because of their hypocrisy in many things. For example, the government condemns torture but does submit to extraordinary rendition along with many other things. However, more often than not, I am PROUD to be an America. I even got into a fight at a bar with my roommate Alexis with these two French guys about how America is awesome. Seriously, who wants to be French?! Today, began very interestingly. I woke to find out that the U.S. military had finally found and killed the man behind the September 11th attacks. What a great day!!!!

Watch President Obama's speech to the American people here.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Blame it on the alcohol"

Wow, this 30 Days of Truth thing is taking WAY longer than thirty days...mostly because when I look at the prompt I'm all like, "Ehhh....I don't want to write about that. I'm gonna go eat something."

Anyway, this prompt is on my thoughts on drugs and alcohol. I don't really know where to begin with this one because it can be all controversial and what not. Who wants to do that..? HA!

I think it's appropriate that I write this post now though because I just visited the lovely city of Amsterdam, and we all know what goes on in that city. And no, I'm not talking about the Red Light district...though I did walk past a brothel and these two women were just sitting inside in front of the doorway in lingerie and I was all like, WHOA! Wasn't expecting that! Because we were NOT in the Red Light District. I ha
d a good time, and yes I was responsible and no I'm not going to say what I did and did not do because that isn't your business :P

So. Drugs. Gernerally DUMB! I mean, if you have fun, as my house mate Milo says, "Blowing some trees" (i.e.-Mary jo) every once in a while, whatever floats your boat. Just be responsible about your fun. I know that these things are bad for your body, but so is eating a butt load of cookie dough. Just don't be stupid. Don't over do it. They are, as you would say, "soft drugs" and I don't really think that they would lead to anything harder. Plus, I also don't think that pot heads are going to be the ones out robbing banks. Have you ever met a pot head? I live with some. All they want to do is eat some pizza and watch a movie. They aren't going anywhere. Relax.

Hard drugs are another issue though. They are the ones that lead to other problems. They create problems for friends and family. Those that abuse drugs are the ones that are often breaking the law and hurting their loved ones the most. Trust me, I know this from experience.

I don't really know what to say about alcohol. I used to be all like, Drinking is stupid, merrrr!! But since I've been in Europe, I've found how much fun it can be. Like with most things in this world, you just need to be responsible. Things to remember:

1. Know your limits
2. Don't drink and drive
3. Have a safe place to stay
4. Don't leave with anyone you don't trust/know

Monday, April 25, 2011

"When are you going to start packing?"

...ummm... Excuse me? What do you mean when am I going to start packing? It isn't time to leave yet!!! We just got here! There's no way it's time to go home already!!!

But it is. It IS time to go home. I have one class, one paper, three finals, fours days of work, and thirteen days left here in Geneva. Ho.Ly.Ca-rap! This is not real...

But it is. It IS real. My life in Geneva is almost over and I can't believe it. It feel like we have only been here a few short weeks. But then again, things from the beginning seem like so long ago. It's really weird. I'm waiting to wake up from my dream.

I am excited to go home though. I miss my family and my friends. I miss my car no matter how crappy it is. I like being able to just get in my car and go somewhere. No bus! I miss good food that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Though, let me tell you, I've still gained too much weight here...hello diet when I get home! I will miss the bread and the chocolate though...oh! the chocolate! :) For sure taking some of that home...

You know what else is cool?!?! I'll be turning twenty-one in thirteen days!!! I'm getting sooo old! HA! I'm excited for my birthday. I know I'll be feeling a million and one times better than I did last year at that time. I'm a different girl than I was a year ago and I'm glad. Even today, a day I thought would be God AWFUL turned out to be
not bad at all. I've actually not thought about my break up at all. Well, except right now... It's been so great! I made this fabulous dinner for the people I like here and they all loved it. Which always makes me feel good. It's just been really nice. Not's nice :)

This is my IneedtodothisbeforeIleave list:
-Write a paper -ICK!
-Study -ICK!
-Find a bag to take all my accumulated stuff ho
me in... -EEK!
-Go to Lausanne... I HATE Lausanne....
-Start packing -Double ICK!

Someone save me please.... BUT!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mind is a jukebox

Do you ever hear a word or a phrase that just sparks a song in your head? This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

I'm pretty ok with it though because I love music. I'm a pretty music based person. I listen to it as much as possible, I love the radio, I love my iPod, I love singing even though I kill the ears of fish. (Yes, I know they really don't have ears...they probably evolved in knowledge of the day when I would sing and they wouldn't be able to hear it so they wouldn't lose them.)

A lot of my life has been defined by music. Growing up both of my parents were constantly having some sort of music going. I mainly grew up on classic rock- the Stones, the Who*, the Beatles, etc. I heard popular music. Sometimes. Not that my parents sheltered me from it, they just knew what was what. Oldies were where it was at. I still love them. Half of my iTunes are random songs from my childhood that make me go, aww...I remember listening to this when...

*Note: My dad would always love to confuse the crap out of me when I was a littleun when it came to The Who. A song they sing would come on the radio or one of his mix CASSETTES in the car and he would be like, "Hey, El, who is this?" "I don't know, daddy, who?" "Right!" "Huh? No, who?" "Who." "What?!" -starts crying out of frustration- Yeah, thanks, dad...*

Anyway, I know this is kind of random, but I was writing a paper earlier, listening to my music, in the zone, and up pops Steely Dan. Hey memories! How ya doin'!? Right now Somebody to Love by Queen is playing which of course makes me think of karaoke with Denise.

I think it's true that music is a tool for recognition. I can't focus on study-like tasks if it's quite. Must. Have. Music. I tend to do better on tests when I study with music. I also write better papers when I have music on. I don't know why, I just do. You can literally tell in a paper where I was listening to music and where I was not. It's weird.

Music is the way of my life. I love it.

To associate this with roommates and I are always blasting music. We share music. We sing together. We dance around our room sometimes. haha! We have a Geneva playlist which is kick-ass. It has lots-o-Glee on it.

Some songs from our trip:
-What do you know about little secrets - White Panda
-Valerie -Glee Version
-All Summer - Kid Cudi

So. Many. More. LOVE!!!

Sorry for the random...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just 23 days...

...until I leave Genev. It's so strange. I've been here for three and a half months and it feels like I've been here maybe 3 weeks.

I've had so many adventures I can't even begin to think about it because, as our saying for this trip has become, THIS ISN'T REAL LIFE! And the fact that this isn't real life makes me feel like every time I do something I'm going to be snapped out of this fantastic dream world that has become my daily life.

I was walking down the street with my friend Alyssa today and I just couldn't help but be taken aback by how much this place means to me.
When I first arrived in Genev, I didn't know what to expect other than cold ass-weather and things to be real flipping expensive. While the prices of things still tend to shock me, I'm getting more used to things costing so much. Example: A small jar of peanut butter costs CHF3.50, which is almost $4.00. Or chicken costing about CHF26.00 per 100g. All of us are meat deprived. *coughfeedmesomemeatydeliciousnesswhenIgethomeMomcough* And the weather has been rather mild, so I can't complain. Especiall
y since I got more TAN (tanner??) this weekend :D

Genev has been a place full of unexpected-ness. I've experienced so much here and I know in the few short weeks I have will give me that much more. Like jet skiing. I cannot wait to go jet skiing on the lake in a couple of weeks. Also, Genev is not full of the nicest people. Except Olivia, I LOVE her! They are very judgey. Apparently in Geneva it is taboo to wear tennis shoes, t-shirts, jeans, flip flops, shorts (without tights), sweats, hoodies, i.e.-anything I like to wear... They like to stare and make mean comments in French. My favorite instances are when my friends who speak French know exactly what they are saying and then will start speaking to them in French. It's fantastic.

I'll definitely miss it here. For a little while I was just wanting to go home. But now I would love to stay! The weather is just getting more and more beautiful. It has truly become a home for me. And I have a couple really great friends here that make it that much better. They make me laugh. I love to laugh. Muahaha.

I'll miss the food that I can afford that I like here. Like the bread. And the chocolate. HOLY CRAP. NOM.

I won't miss the fact that nothing is open on Sundays except kebab shops and that everything closes in the city by six or seven every night.

It is going to be such a culture shock going home...

Oh, Genf. You will be missed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok, Geneva, we need to talk...

I'm not breaking up with you. Not yet anyway. But do you have to tease me with your beautiful days when you know I have to be cooped up inside doing school work and my internship?? Not. Fair. Plus, you know I'm leaving soon...this just isn't cool.

However, I do appreciate the fact that I could go paddle boating on the lake yesterday and lay out in the sun all weekend. :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Goes my skin! EEEeewwww....Sorry.

So, Mallorca. GORGEOUS. And slightly painful in the sunburn department, but that's what I get for being my pale winter self and laying out on the beach for something like five hours. But I digress...

EARLY on Friday morning Alexis, Alyssa, Eden, Kristi, Zach, and I headed to the airport to catch our flight to this lovely island off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. When we boarded the plane, the sun still wasn't up, but that's ok, because we got to board not via one of those stupid hallway things but like this!!!

I felt all old school and like I needed a hat like old-fashioned ladies would wear when they would fly.

When we landed in Mallorca, we grabbed a cab, and by that I mean two cabs because apparently there is some sort or lame law that there can only be five people in one cab, including the driver. I really just think it's to further rip off the many tourists that go there, but hey, what do I know?

Our hotel was nothing short of amazing. First off, it was an apartotel, which means it had a little kitchen area and a little living room area. So awesome! We had two rooms* which both looked over this beautiful courtyard and a really cool pool and all the men that were there. And I say that not as a swooning twenty year old but as a cold hard fact that I'm pretty sure we were five of maybe twelve women there. No. Joke. And they were all from the United Kingdom so obviously I didn't needto spend all that money in London a couple of weeks ago because I literally experienced mini-England in Spain.

*Just a note: these two rooms, for two nights, literally cost fifteen euro for both nights, which is about twenty US dollars. This just made it that much more awesome.

We spent most of the day at the beach on Friday. It was

spectacular. First off, the water was crystal clear. It was cold but ok to put your feet into for like 30 seconds. The sun was amazing and I got a lot of sunburn and now I'm all goldeny. :)

Favorite tan line: fell asleep on my back, woke up to my bikini bottom string across my waist. Moved it and BAM tan line.

Saturday I walked around with Zach and Eden and we shopped and jus

t bummed around. It was a really nice day. I bought a floppy hat! that I'm totally in love with and will be taking with me to Aruba when I go there next summer with two of my favorite people ever! But that's a later story...

You know what I loved about this trip? Well, two things actually...

1) I got to relax. It wasan actual vacation and it was lovely. I returned home on Sunday and the only thing that hurt was my lobster-ness. 2) No. Drama. Everyone that went I liked and we all had fun. We laughed. We talked. It was fantastic. :D

Oh, Mallorca, be in my life again.

Eden, Me, Alexis, Kristi, and Alyssa

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know that I promised to post these LAST week but I've been busy at the beach and I suck. But these are some of my favorite pictures from spring break! :D

City Centre in Dublin during the parade. So. Many. People.

Beer :D

"This just in: Hellman's has gone global!"

River in Westport, Ireland
Bridge to Achill Island
This is the house that my great-grandfather, Bryan Kilbane, grew up in.

My fourth cousin, Sarah, and her daughter, my fifth cousin, Selina.
Ignore how sick I look...this is Annie, my third cousin.
'Ello Ben!
The London Eye

Westminster Abbey
Inside the Abbey

Had to.... :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ellen in Wonderland

Hey hey everyone! I have been gone WAY too long! I have missed blogging a bit but at the same time I've just had wayyy too much fun exploring :D

I kicked off my spring break like any smart person would do who is travelling in Europe: Dublin for St. Patrick's day. Oh. My. God. Best day!!! We landed in Ireland just before noon on the day of green and let me tell you, a swift punch to the jaw probably couldn't have taken the gigantic smile off of my face. I was SO happy. To be honest, happy probably isn't an accurate word. Ecstatic? jumping for joy? None seem to do my level of happy any justice. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel we were staying in and hit the city where anywhere you looked you saw a mass of green moving. I loved how many people we everywhere. It made it that much more fun.

The bars we stuffed with people. I tried my first Belfast Bomber (aka-Irish Car Bomb), which was quite tasty to be honest. And I think I may have drank an entire keg of Guinness by the end of the day...So good! I also met a bunch of really cool Irish people that I got to hang with for the majority of the day and they took me to the most exclusive club in Europe (apparently-I'm not positive on this information) called Coppers. It was so much fun! What a great day of my People! lol!

While in Dublin my group hit up the Guinness Storehouse where we learned how Guinness is made and I bought a t-shirt. I'm still trying to figure out what color it is...I think I've finally narrowed it down to black or really really really dark green.

Just a side note on the food...DELICIOUS. Holy cow! is it good! And there is so so much of it I think I about died. I had stew and tried a couple different pies. OH! And I ate some lamb liver...that was...interesting. I would probably never in my life eat lamb liver again, but hey, had to try it once.

Saturday a group of seven of us rented a car to drive to the western part of Ireland. This is the thing, and let me tell you, there was MUCH laughing in the situation probably to keep from crying to be quite honest. We were supposed to get a seven seater van that our sokindfriend Terence would drive seeing as he's twenty-seven oldest and could rent the car there. BUT the car company neglected to inform us that the age to rent that car was 30. REALLY?! instead we got a Savoy. For seven of us. And all of our crap. :D So Alyssa and I sat in the trunk yes there were seats AND seatbelts...not that we would have gone anywhere if we had crashed anyway... with the giganto suitcase. It was sooo fun...

We made it to Galway though. A little smushed but in one piece. We walked around in the rainy Irish weather and just hung out. Laughs were had. It was all good. But the super cool part happened the next day. I met my Irish family!!!!!! EEEE!!!! :D

I took the train to Westport and they picked me up. It was so nice to meet them! They are such sweet people and they took good care of me. I especially fell in love with my fifth cousin Selina. She's nine and adorable and reminds me of my cousin Maura. They even look a little bit alike which is supah cool!

Note: Gigantic meal of Achill Island, Ireland: 7 regular sized pieces of roast beef, a small mound of somekindof fried potato, bread pudding, a mound of mashed potatoes, a large side of garlic mashed potatoes with cheese on top, AND a large salad. I almost exploded.

I left for London on Monday from the Dublin airport to go and see the city and a friend who is studying there at St. Mary's in Twikenham (about 30 minutes outside the city). It was great to have a tour guide! I even got to be on his radio show that he co-hosts! I loved the city, but since I was sick at this point I didn't have as much energy to do and see as many things as I normally would....which is totally unfortunate! But I still had a blast! I loved seeing this city that has been the center of many of the stories (Harry Potter, what?!) I have read over the years.

It was a great break! (Minus the sick part) I'm really looking forward to my beach vacation this coming weekend. Oh what a life I live... ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

To quote my non-existent Jewish grandmother..."Oi, vey!!!"

I like to think that I have a lot of patience with people. Like, a lot. Longest fuse ever. Do something to piss me off and it will take a lot for me to explode. For real.

For example, on this little trip of mine, I have the most disgusting house mates ever. Most people don't do their own dishes regardless of the fact that we a) have a dishwasher, b)it's empty and c) it's OPEN. I mean, how PATHETIC is that?! They don't even have to open the flipping door to the dishwasher. They just have to put their dishes in and then walk away... It's been just about two and a half months and I clean the kitchen at least once a day. And no, I don't do this to clean up after them, I do it so that I don't have to cook in their cesspool of disgustingness.

That's just a gross example. Sorry to diverge from the reason of this post... :D

I'm saying Oi, vey to people that are condescending and rude. Who are you to speak to me like I'm nothing?! I hate that!

Why do people think that they're better than others?! I don't understand....I really don't. Yes, some people are as annoying as hell and need to be cloistered so as to get the HECK away from me, but come on. If someone asks a simple, yet important question, you don't need to look at them like they just asked you why breathing is important.

Anyway, on a better and more exciting note, my break starts this week and I'm heading to wait for it, wait for it... IRELAND!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I can't even tell you how excited I am. Ahhhhh!!!! :) After that I'll be heading to London and Paris. It's going to be the best thing of my life!

Oh! And another exciting development. I'm going on a date on Wednesday. I know no one but me and Denise cares, but hey, I think it's cool! He's from Scotland. I'll just call him Scottie. Or maybe Macaroni because yesterday the Scotland rugby team lost to England and he was upset so he said he was changing his nationality to Italian and his new last name was Macaroni. Makes sense right? More like, makes sense to as why you would like him, Ellen...because obviously the crazy people all hang out together.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mama Mia!!!

I think I want to move to Rome. It's so gorgeous there. I can't even describe it...and as of right now I can't even should it because I haven't been on the ball enough to actually upload pictures onto my computer, but it's not like those pictures would do any sort of justice to just how gorgeous it was there.

We arrived Thursday night at nine and found our hotel. And by that I mean the WRONG hotel because we got incorrect directions, but it was ok because the nice little Italian man there apparently loved me because he showed us to the correct place by saying to me, "Ok, bab-ay! Let's go!" And as we walked out of the hotel he stops to yell at this guy for not wearing pants. He had boxers on, don't worry... But he proceeded to follow me down the stairs going, "Mama, mia! Who is that guy!? No pants?! Mama, mia!!" It basically made my life.

When we found our real hotel, the lady there was real mean. We wanted our Italian man back!!! But we stayed and it was a beautiful place. In the morning we left and went to find out apartment. It took to find. Along the way we stopped and got the most epic pizza of my life and that made the day a bit better. Once we found the cutest apartment I've ever seen which was right near the Vatican and we could see the dome through the window we went to pick up another girl from the train station. The rest of the evening was a waste of my life and I was annoyed because we didn't do ANYTHING or see ANYTHING. We got a great dinner, but what about the sights!? I don't like being a tourist but that's what I am, damnit! So while they were getting ready to go out and party-hardy, I got ready to go e'splorin'! Which I did. And it was just splendid!

I saw sooo many things! I walked by the river, saw a bazillion piazzas, AND the Trevi Fountain! I LOVE the fountain! Omg....Just. Omg.

I made some poor, unsuspecting tourist take my photo for me...but I don't care! And I made a wish! Great, greatness!

I went back and basically passed out from walking half the city. But, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Oh! Another cool thing that happened was that I called my mom when I was standing in Vatican square on the way back to my apartment and the bells starting ringing for her! Perfecto!!

Saturday the group of sixteen that went met up at the Vatican for a tour. Though only fourteen got in because that is how many signed up and the other two were trying to sneak in..., we saw the Catacombs underneath the Vatican, which was eerily awesome, and then the Grottos, where the Popes are all buried. After looking through the Basilica, Elliot and I went up to the Cupola, which is the very top of the huge Dome of the Basilica. Apparently he and I enjoy climbing large amounts of spirally staircases together to see really awesome views from the top of churches... It was a looooong way up, but it was totally worth the five euros and the walk. Omg, so great! :D

After a nap, Elliot and I got ready, couldn't find ANYONE from our group* and headed to this restaurant called "Le Fate." It was delicious! For only ten euro, we both got a glass of wine, an appetizer (bruschetta), pasta (ratatoullie), and tiramisu! Ooo...sooo good! During dinner we met a bunch of American students who were eating there as well and we went out with one of them. Her name was Raina and she was sooo cute!!! It was SUCH a good night!

*We all have these stupid little baby phones here and they're pay-as-you-go phones, like most phones in Europe apparently. Anyway, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was out of minutes by Saturday afternoon. I came home with a negative balance. It was SO stupid...

I woke up a little later than I wanted to on Sunday, but it's ok because I still got to see most of what I wanted to see. Luckily I'm planning on going back at the end of April!! I saw the Pope speak, which was something that, as a notveryreligious Catholic, I never thought I would EVER see. I walked what I believe that OTHER half of Rome that I didn't quite get to on Friday night. I saw all the ancient ruins and saw was I really wanted to see....THE COLOSSEUM. dundundun!!!

Even though we had to SPRINT to both of our trains* so we wouldn't miss them, it was a great, great weekend. I loved it! I cannot WAIT to go back...I love Italy.

*Our first train to the train station to go to Milan NEVER when the next one came, we had about ten minutes to get from the BACK AND UPSTAIRS tracks to the downstairs, front tracks. We barely made it. It sucked because I had to deal with annoying bitchy people who didn't want to walk through all the train cars, but GUESS WHAT?! You didn't miss the train so you can kiss my butt...Then that train decided to stop for twenty minutes for no good reason in a tunnel. A TUNNEL?! Then again for about ten minutes right outside the was annoying and made us almost miss out connecting train. We ran all over the place looking like idiots, but I don't care! I made it home and that's all that matters... :D

P.S.-Pictures to come!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Where were you..?

I always enjoy my classes more when they make me think about more than what we're talking about. I mean, more than just the facts about the subject matter but how things are and why they are the way they are and all that jazz...

Today I was sitting in my Human Rights class talking about terrorism and counter-terrorism and how they are intertwined with human rights. It's really interesting to think about how the effects of a person or small group of peoples actions just make things change so drastically.

Obviously we talked about September 11th. I mean, you can't talk about terrorism and not talk about that, especially if you're American. I mean, that was one of the most major events in our country's short history and so many things were changed because of it.

I mean, if that attack had been on anyone else, things would most likely not be the way they are. The United States just has too big of an impact on all things in the world that's what we get for thinking that everyone needs to kiss out white bums and do whatever we say. I mean, we are on the Security Council for the UN which basically means that, as a country, others have to follow what we say. I think that if this had happened to any one else, even to another country on the SC, all the effects would have been different. The world would be a completely different place. It's scary and weird to think about.

I'm sorry I'm getting all political, but it was just the reason I started thinking about where I was on the day the world changed forever.

It was that fateful Tuesday morning and I was in sixth grade, sitting in math class. The teacher I had, Mrs. Heinl, was the wife of the Assistant Principal. He came in and took her radio, which she thought was odd because he never did that. The air around me started to go tense as my teacher said, "Something must be wrong..."

The morning continued. Everyone was sitting in class, wondering what was going on outside the safe walls of out little private school. No one knew. No adult would tell us. We just sat in class, waiting. Two hours later I was sitting in my homeroom, watching as my teacher just fell to pieces. Still not knowing. Not understanding. Fearing that something terrible had happened-that something terrible would continue to happen.

When we finally were told that the two towers in New York City had been crashed into, no one knew what to do. My teacher, Mrs. Robinson, was sobbing. Apparently her daughter's boyfriend worked in one of the towers and he hadn't been reached yet (he got out, thank God). I'll never forget my friend Maria raising her hand, standing up, and looking at our mess of a teacher and tenderly saying, "It's ok, Mrs. Robinson, you can cry."

I remember sitting in silence the rest of the day. We weren't allowed outside for recess. I don't think anyone wanted to go out there anyway. When I got home my mom had the news on. We just watched the towers get smashed into for hours on end. I remember at one point asking if we could change the channel to something else and my mother looked at me saying, "No! This is too important, the world will never be the same." I think she thought I didn't care. That all I wanted to do was watch Sister Sister, or something. But really, I just wanted to not have that horrible image flashing before my eyes anymore. It was too hard to handle. The image, which is permanetly burned in my brain, was haunting. I didn't want to see people die or jump for their lives or listen to their bodies drop or watch the great towers crumble to nothing but dust. Even as an eleven year old, I knew. I knew that nothing would ever be the same.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Religion and Politics are two things that shouldn't be discussed at dinner-or so says Miss Manners

Which is too bad because they are really interesting but apparently just too controversial to talk about unless you like having pea soup in your hair...

Growing up and Irish Catholic and going to parochial school for thirteen years has an effect on a girls' view of religion. I mean, religion is hard enough to wrap your head around when you aren't having it shoved down your throat every single day in religion class.

Private schools are great for their small class sizes and their emphasis on God and all that jazz, but I also think that it can hinder a persons relationship with God. I mean, God knows that in the big battle of good versus evil I'll be carrying that banner for his team, but I'm not one for going to church every single Sunday like any good Catholic should (want to) do.

Growing up, my mom (and family) always emphasized the importance of organized religion, but I say, as long as you follow a good moral code and you try to be as good of a person as you can be, then God knows you're his homeboy/girl. I don't go to church, but I pray every day. I thank God for what I have been given in life and I appreciate it as much as possible. Some times it is hard to not take things for granted, but a little bit of grace and humility never hurt anyone.

I do believe in the power of prayer. This past year was a nightmare, but I feel like it was made a little bit easier because I knew that, when I felt entirely alone, all I had to do was pray and ask for God to be with me, and I felt better. Prayer is comforting. It's nice knowing that there is someone there to always lean on and to help make things be alright, even when you feel like you're drowning in a pit of sorrow.

Another thing I love is politics. I mean, I should, seeing as I'm an International Relations major. It would only makes sense, right?

Politics are interesting. People who don't think so are ridiculous. Politics encompass more than just liberal or conservative, communist or fascist, or smart or dumb. It basically contains everything that regulates daily life in a government, which is what affects daily life.

I mean, every one uses currency, right? So the government controls that, yet (at least in America and other democracies) we give them the power...I just think that the tangled web is fascinating and trying to figure out how every things works together in a somewhat intricate fashion is just the coolest...

Yes, I know I'm a nerd. I like it so get off my back.

I love to get into a great discussion about politics. (Well, really anything for that matter) I enjoy having a conversation about why someone believes something and why I believe something else. (And I italicized conversation to make sure that you know that it's talking and not arguing/yelling because I HATE yelling and arguing. Can't we all just get along?!) I do NOT, however, enjoy talking to someone when they don't know what they're talking about. I recognize that I don't know everything about every thing, but I really really really hate when people just tell me I'm stupid and have no true facts to back their position up. And I also truly hate it when people tell me I'm stupid because I don't believe what they believe AND they can't tell me why they believe the way they do, other that "Just because..." Well kiss my white ass because you're a moron!

This is just an example of why people suck at life when it comes to talking about politics...

So I'm a freshman in high school when Bush and Kerry were running against each other in 2004. Let me just put it out there that I hate George Bush. I think he's stupid and that all of his decisions while in office were HORRIBLE. But that's a different discussion for a different time... My religion teacher had us watch one of the debates one night so we could talk about it in class. It just so happened that a couple of the debate questions were on abortion. She asked our thoughts on it and which candidate we thought was better, and blah blah blah...well, I'm pro-choice. She looked at me with the GREATEST disgust ever when I told her that...I thought she was literally going to eat my soul...She just looked at me and told me something along the lines of, "How dare you think that pro-choice is an option! You're a baby killer." My mom told me the same thing.

Let me just state that I am NOT a baby killer thankyouverymuch. I would never personally get an abortion if I were to ever get prego in the eggo. But what right do I have to tell another woman what she can and cannot do. Hello, free will, welcome to the party.

Well that post took an interesting turn...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a worthless worker

Isn't that sad?

I've been sitting at work now for almost two hours and I've done a total of maybe twenty minutes of work. I know you're jealous...

Well don't be because I'm bored out of my skull so I started reading about Senate Bill 5 and watching Hoops & Yoyo videos on youtube. How pathetic is that?

I don't even feel like I have anything worthy to talk about because I feel like my life in Geneva is boring compared to my life when I'm travelling to other places.

I'm super duper looking forward to Thursday at 1:42 p.m. when I'll be on a train to Roma! A big group of us are going there to take a tour of the Vatican on Saturday afternoon. We'll get to see the Cathedral and the catacombs. Eww bones... So excited!! :D

Life right now is so stressful in a way because I have a lot to do. Damn school is just getting in the way of my fun on the weekends and I am not OK with that. Just saying.

Like this week for instance. Yesterday I had a midterm in my Human Rights class. Today I'm working all day because if I don't I'll be judged for eternity by my boss (who is incidentally not here but I know the moment that I decide I'll just leave at my normal leaving time will stroll on in. This is how my life works.) Tomorrow I have to go to the Center for Demining for some sort of simulation game of a conference for different people talking about why they want to use landmines of why they thing that people who use them have no soul and will be sharing the inner most ring of hell with Hitler and that guy who gave everyone Kool-aid.

Guess which group I get to represent?

The Movement for the Liberation of Minelandia... basically I'm a rebel group that thinks it's ok to use landmines and I want to overthrow the current government to establish a socialist government. This would all be ok if I believed in any of that...

Then next Monday I have an in depth outline due for my Human Rights paper on Child Soldiers, which I haven't started researching because I'm obviously a procrastinator and I obviously like to torture myself. Oh, and then I have this super awesome paper due for my economics class that I just sort of started reading about yesterday and today even though I have no idea what I'm really writing about and I have no understanding of basic economics.

So basically what I'm saying is that I'm screwed and I kind of sort of don't care because in sixteen days I'll be in Ireland where I'll get to see big green hills of awesome beauty and who the hell would care about a paper on the labor of the European Union when you could be researching much more fun things like Galway.

Does someone want to do all my work for me so I can just have awesome adventures?! Because that would be great. Thanks. Apply below.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wingin' It Berlin Style!

You know what's fun? Doing something random. Like deciding to go to a foreign country after about five minutes of thought.

God I love Europe.

So I was supposed to go to Hungary last Thursday
with two people from my trip but they both got super sick so it ended up not happening. I was soooo disappointed because my great-grandfather is from Budapest, Hungary and I would have been the first person to return there since he traveled to the United States in 1914. How EPIC would that have been?!

But alas, it did not happen...

But it's ok because I got to go to Berlin.


Awesome. :D

My friend Paul suggested a day trip since I was so disappointed about Hungary. I was so totally in!

We left Friday night and took a night train. We arrived a little before eight a.m. on Saturday morning and the awesome commenced.

It was freezing cold and we were tired, but it was totally worth it. The first things we saw were the Reichstag (the government building) and the Brandenburgher Tor (the Gate to the city). They were beautiful!!

[I don't know why these are so far apart so I'm just going to write here so as to fill space...lalalalala!!!]

After that bit o' gorgeous, we got some breakfast. Now, let me just say that had the rest of the entirely SUCKED it would have been a-ok after the struessel that I ate. Oh. My. God. YUM! My mouth is watering thinking about it...and making me hungrier for food that I DON'T have because these trips are killing me on the money front...AHHH!!! After that we walked around looking for the Berlin Wall. Well, we found the ghetto-tastic East Berlin instead. Which, honestly was ok because, hey, how else will you get the feel for a city other than wandering aimlessly around the sewage smelling parts of the city?? Right?!

For lunch we each got a different German sausage (it's not dirty...) and some beer. Mmm beer... Mine came with a pretzel! Woot! I love pretzels! How did you k
now Berlin?!

We also saw the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

No joke. This is what it's called. I swear. If you think I'm lying I'll wait for you to look it up. :P


Ok, now that you've proven yourself to be a silly ninny for not believing me we can proceed with my awesome adventure.

So then we decided to try to find the Wall again. Like the good little tourist that we are we went to the information center and asked for directions. They dude only gave us directions for the tram and when we asked if we could walk there he laughed at us...Meanie butt...

We took off walking anyway because we are cheap-os and plus we wanted to see if we could see some more coolness that is Berlin. And aren't we glad we did...

Pretty, right?

Anyway, we got lost. Again. Because of Paul's super awesome navigational skills...Why haven't I leaned my lesson?! After getting back on track we found it and it was wicked awesome. There is a TON of artwork on it, all pertaining to the need for peace and different dates that were important in the history of the Berlin Wall. The part of the wall that is left is about 1300 meters (or just under one mile) long and we walked about half of it. Our feet were DYING ok?!

We then rounded the day off with another authentic German meal which ended with this little ditty...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Italia!! Mucho Bella! (Is that even right?!)

Oh, Italia! You are the peanut butter to my jelly...or should I say the gelatto to my cone, or the sauce to my pasta??

Those last two sound dirty...especially the sauce one.

Florence is a beautiful city! There is so much to see, but I love the fact that you can just walk the entire city and not die.

Everywhere you look there is some sort of beautiful art work just sittin' there, waiting for you to take a picture of it. I saw so many statue butts this past weekend I don't know what to do...

We went to Florence for Anya's and Eden's birthdays and it was a blast!

On Friday, we arrived around 2 and we headed for our hostel. Which was awesome by the way. If you ever go to Florence, stay at Plus Florence Hostel. After we got there we went and got a sandwich and of course some delicious gelatto and then we headed into the city. We started with some major sites that we nearby, like Il Duomo and some other churches, like San Lorenzo Cathedral. I think almost every church in Italy is some sort of Cathedral. These Italian Catholics don't fool around, let me tell you.

On Saturday we walked around. The ENTIRE city. I seriously don't think my feet will EVER be the same. We saw some breath-taking sights. Like....THIS ONE!

Don't ask me why my hand is on my hip. I know I look dumb. Just look at the prettiness behing my dumbness.

A cool thing that we saw was a protest that was going through the city. We were going to see the only bridge that survived World War II and on our way there, they were crossing one of the bridges. We couldn't figure out what it was about until later when we saw them again, lounging outside of a church, and we saw their signs...

Yes, that says Italy is not a brothel, and yes, I was dying laughing. :D

Anywho...on Sunday I went to mass with Paul(ey) where, even though I'm Catholic and ALL masses are the SAME, I couldn't figure anything out and I forgot the prayers in English that I've been saying since I was born and yes, I could talk coming out of the womb. jealous? I thought so. We went to Santa Maria Novella and it was GORGEOUS. Actually, I think that may be an understatement to about the nth degree. I'm sorry. I can't explain it. And I couldn't get a good enough picture before the angry Italian man started yelling at me and Paul, saying, "Excuse! Excuse! No, photo! Excuse, no photo!!"

Pretty church though.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. I'm pretty sure that I ate my weight in gelatto, but it was TOTALLY worth it. I would live off gellatto I think. Gelatto and potatoes. NOM.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love for one another

One thing that I love about my job is that every week the entire staff gets together for an hour of devotions. It's just an hour to be together, connect, see what everyone is up to and how everyone is doing. We talk, we laugh, we pray. It's very...I guess the word would be comforting.

I don't know these people well at all, but they are all open and they are all interested. I've never been in a working group that opened up this quickly and that is so interested in everything that everyone is doing. They all care. It's nice. Refreshing.

Today we just sat around and talked. We got into an interesting conversation about how the world views terrorism and how it is defined. Just so you know, there is no actual definition to terrorism. It's an idea, not an entity. It's something that is personally defined, not internationally-one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. We went around the table, told each other what we were working on and offered something personal that we wanted to pray for. They have all known about my aunt because I pray for her every week. They all ask how she is and pray for her too. I can't tell you how much this means to me.

My aunt. She's my godmother and someone that I love. She drives me absolutely insane about 75% of the time, but I know she does it because she loves me and expects a lot out of me. Her nagging is her way of showing love. lol!

She helped my mom out a lot when I was growing up. She always had fun things for my cousins and me to do. We drove her nuts and she would yell, but we knew that she loved us. She has put up with every one else's crap and has helped every one that she could. She is stubborn and likes to do everything without anyone else's help (even though she complains when no one will help her). She is strong and is a fighter. She's a lot like my grandpa-which she knows, and I'm pretty sure loves about herself. My grandpa was kind of awesome...-so we all know that she won't ever give up. Losing is not an option and she won't ever let it be.

I kind of love that about her.

I know that she doesn't read this blog, but I do hope that she knows, that even though I'm not close by, I'm always here for her-no matter how much she drives me up a wall....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello Roses! It's nice to smell you

Ya know, wake up calls are nice. Sometimes you get an enlightened, "HELLO, STOP BEING AN IDIOT!" Or, sometimes you're thinking over and over and over again and then you get fed up with listening to YOURSELF.


That's a low point.

But it's also good. Because by the time that you get fed up with yourself you KNOW that others are totally fed up with you. Even when you keep things to yourself...

Anyway, I'm done just thinking and thinking about the same old crap. Life goes on and is WAYY too short to just keep thinking about things that don't matter.

So here's to the experiences of life and waking up and smelling the roses.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This week was Valentine's Day and all I have to say is THANK GOD I'm in Europe. It doesn't seem to be such a huge thing here. Yes, people were buying candy and flowers, but it I feel like it isn't thrown in your face here like back home. Then again, I haven't been watching tv, so no annoying jewelery commercials for me! YAY!

But I did have that whole, Oh-I'm-single-I-miss-buttface moment. But it's ok. It lasted for only a little bit. ON MONDAY. Since then I've been thinking a lot about him. I'm a masochist. What can I say?! So I've been trying really hard not to think about him. Again. BLAH!

Funny story about Monday: I was sitting in class, waiting for my professor to come in, and I was dating my paper for notes. For the life of me I could not remember the date so I asked Alexis. She just looked at me like I was an idiot and then I was like, "Oh,...damn me." Bahahah. Ok, not so funny. Continue!

Instead on Monday I spent the afternoon at one of the most pointless meetings of my life in which I heard about what happened at the General Assembly meeting for the United Nations back in January. Sounds exciting, right? Nope. Not one bit. All that happened at that meeting was a discussion of how no one pays their dues. Well guess what?! I don't blame them! The UN is such a mess and nothing EVER gets done. They can't enforce anything and no one really truly cares about what they have to say.

Ok, I'm done being political. I'm sorry.

Yesterday was hilarious. I have no other words for it. After the longest day at work I had my economics class. We had a quiz and then our professor took us to the bar. Bahaha! I love that! It was a grand ol' time with our Kenyan born, Spanish national professor. We all came back and had drunk food together at which point he told me that buttface was a complete idiot for dumping me. LOVE IT!

Europe, you continue to amaze me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ok, Awesome

For real I need to light a fire under my American tookas and get a crack-a-lackin'. I have so much work to get done between my internship and class and I really don't care. At all.

Problem? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Bigger Problem? Yes.

Travelling is SO much more fun! I see things that sitting in a classroom just could not give me. Ever. Like this weekend for example. Went to Locarno, Switzerland and Milan, Italy. How awesome is that?!

And I decided to go on Thursday. Crazy!!!

My friend Elliot rented a car and Alyssa and I jumped on in and we headed off to Italian Switzerland. We took the scenic route-and by scenic route, I mean SCENIC ROUTE.


It's sad that my little camera can't capture how flipping gorgeous it all is! But it did it's best!

After a deathly terrifying ride through the narrowest roads I have ever been on, for real, picture the width of a full size bed and that's the width of this TWO LANE ROAD winding around the side of the mountain with jagged rock sticking out at you on one side and a cliff plunging you to your death on the other. Fun right? we made it to Locarno. What a gorgeous city! But a little warning to you: if you go there and want to go out at night, go out by nine or ten because the whole city closes down at one. It's such an odd time...Ho
wever we did find this super awesome bar that had a live band. It was soooo awesome. They were rocking and the people there were having so much fun! Plus there was a cutie at the bar. Love those Italians!!

Note: Italian Swiss people are much nicer than French Swiss. Just sayin'.

On Saturday we walked the city. Saw the castle that was around the corner from out hotel. It was from the 800s! Soo crazy! I'm sorry for my over use of the word 'crazy,' but I don't know how else to describe this epic wonderfulness. We also climbed the side of a mountain. A flipping mountain?! Really?! My feet still hurt. Worth it. At the top of said mountain was this beautiful sanctuary.

After sitting by the most gorgeous lake on the most perfect day, we left for Milan.

Side note: This was the way we decided to go to Milan. On the way to Locarno on Friday, Elliot asks: "What do you guys want to do tomorrow? There a lots of places that aren't too far like, Logano, or we could go into Italy. Milan isn't that far away." Alyssa and I say: "We'll think about it." -30 seconds later, look at each other, smile, nod- "We'll go to Milan."

Milan. Gorgeous. So cool. Ahhh!!

We wanted gelatto. Like, real bad. So first things first: gelatto. NOM. Most delicious thing of my life. *swoon for gelatto, swoon* We had to find some money first, so on our quest for the ATM, we stumbled upon an open air market. I love random finds like that! The street was just lined with produce vendors and clothing vendors. And the clothes weren't just crap you find at American flea markets. First of all, they are called flea markets. Those clothes are probably filled with fleas. Ick. These were all designer items. Elliot was having a field day. He got a really awesome pair of jeans. Brand you may ask? Sex Jeans. It's hilarious. We couldn't stop laughing! So now when he wears them I yell out, "There goes Sex walking!" Bahahah! I'm funnier in my own head. It's ok. I know that white padded room is waiting for me. We also went to the fashion district where he was also soo excited! It's funnier because he's a guy, who is straight, and loves shopping and clothes whereas I'm a girl and the thought of shopping exhausts me and makes me cranky. There were some awesome shops there though. Obviously all super high end. Going into them made me and Alyssa have panic attacks while Elliot tried on 2,000 euro (as in the money) coats.

We wandered the city a little bit too. Guess what we found?! The largest Gothic Cathedral (second largest Cathedral) in the world! Just sittin' there on the piazza. I couldn't fit the whole thing in a picture that's how huge it was. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out how to get in said Cathedral, but the outside was pretty awe-inducing.

Right?! And let me just say, it NEVER fails that there is an Asian tourist in any of my photos when I'm travelling. It's ridiculous. Like when I went to Disney when I was eleven and this one Asian boy is in about fifty of my pictures. lol!

The ride home was not that exciting, except the 10,000 castles we saw along the way. We got lost several times because the Navigation on our car was confusing us. We also ended up paying more in tolls, which we honestly didn't care about because we were all so tired and we just wanted to get home. Elliot can now say that he has speeding tickets in THREE countries and I can say that I have an Italian Police officer friend.

All in all a fabulously fantastic weekend that was rounded off by a delicious cookout in the park with a bunch of my house mates.

Ohh what a life....

P.S.- I forgot to show you our car. Her name was Beth. Beth the BMW.

Note: the BMW was the CHEAPEST car that we could rent.

I think that my favorite part, you know, besides it being a BMW, was when Beth would give us a direction somewhere and Elliot would say, "Thanks, babe."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

-Insert title in French here-

I need to learn French. It sooo would have helped me this weekend when I was LOST in France.

Well. Not really lost. More like I had no flipping clue as to where I was going. Sri gave me a little phrase book for my birthday, which was awesome. But you know what I figured out? If you don't know French/any other language when using said phrase book, how are you supposed to understand what the person is saying to you?! Problem.

So I went to Lille, France to visit my awesome friend Meghan. J
ust so you know, Lille is in the Northeast cornerish of France, near the Belgian border. I took at train from Geneva, where the happiest Swiss person I've ever met stamped my Eurail pass for me. He literally kept saying, "You need a stamp-a!" in a sing-song voice. It was cracking me up. Thank you Swiss man, for making my day.

After a quick four hour train ride I was in Lille. The train station along was gorgeous! But Meghan was no where to be found. EEP! So I was like, "Ehh...she's just running late. No biggie!" Thirty minutes later... "Ok, I totally told her when I was a
rriving!" Begins wandering train station looking for someone who speaks English...can't find one...finds map....kinds a place on said map that said 'Librarie,' SCORE! I start heading out to the library but saw a sign for the tourism office and got excited. I mean, tourism offices SHOULD have people that speak English...wandered. First encountered a tourism office-went in. The guy spoke "A little bit" of English. Anyone that I asked if they spoke English replied with "A little bit." Ugh...I asked where the library was because HEL
LO FREE INTERNET! He was like, "What do you need a library for? Internet cafe." Bit me French dude. I don't want to pay for the Internet when I could get it for free at the library where all the pretty book are. Books calm me down.

I find the internet cafe. I send Meghan a facebook message. I go to pay. THEY DON'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS. So I go to an ATM and get some money and go back and pay. I then return to the train station. By now a little over an hour has passed. I just sat down and waited. I figured if she didn't find me by like 7 I would just go home. So I sat and read. All of a sudden I heard a voice I recognized. I looked up and there she was. NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE.

We hugged. We cried. We freaked the heck out.

Apparently there are TWO train stations in Lille. Who knew?!

The rest of the weekend was just awesome! We went to dinner and talked and went to the bar (go figure) and I met her new friends. Who are now my friends and I can for real say that I have a British friend which is just about the coolest thing to ever happen to me in my life. We also went to an art museum, which was glorious! (I love my nerdy-ness)

Then travelling home Monday morning. Sunday night I noticed that my second train departed from a DIFFERENT train station in Paris. WHY?! Unfortunately for me the internet at Meghan's dorm was down so I couldn't look up directions. So I figured I would just ask at the station because, I mean, it's Paris. They would speak English in a major tourist spot like Paris, right?


I think I asked about twelve people if they spoke English. They all said no. When I finally learned where I was going, I got on the metro the wrong direction so I had to get off the train and get on another one. So I missed my train.


At least there was another train. That's all I'm happy about. I made it home. PHEW!

The rest of this week has been pretty good. I got to hang out with my new friend Olivia (the bartender) yesterday and it was awesome. She's such a sweetheart! She totally invited me to her house for dinner tomorrow. AHHH!!!! :D