Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mind is a jukebox

Do you ever hear a word or a phrase that just sparks a song in your head? This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

I'm pretty ok with it though because I love music. I'm a pretty music based person. I listen to it as much as possible, I love the radio, I love my iPod, I love singing even though I kill the ears of fish. (Yes, I know they really don't have ears...they probably evolved in knowledge of the day when I would sing and they wouldn't be able to hear it so they wouldn't lose them.)

A lot of my life has been defined by music. Growing up both of my parents were constantly having some sort of music going. I mainly grew up on classic rock- the Stones, the Who*, the Beatles, etc. I heard popular music. Sometimes. Not that my parents sheltered me from it, they just knew what was what. Oldies were where it was at. I still love them. Half of my iTunes are random songs from my childhood that make me go, aww...I remember listening to this when...

*Note: My dad would always love to confuse the crap out of me when I was a littleun when it came to The Who. A song they sing would come on the radio or one of his mix CASSETTES in the car and he would be like, "Hey, El, who is this?" "I don't know, daddy, who?" "Right!" "Huh? No, who?" "Who." "What?!" -starts crying out of frustration- Yeah, thanks, dad...*

Anyway, I know this is kind of random, but I was writing a paper earlier, listening to my music, in the zone, and up pops Steely Dan. Hey memories! How ya doin'!? Right now Somebody to Love by Queen is playing which of course makes me think of karaoke with Denise.

I think it's true that music is a tool for recognition. I can't focus on study-like tasks if it's quite. Must. Have. Music. I tend to do better on tests when I study with music. I also write better papers when I have music on. I don't know why, I just do. You can literally tell in a paper where I was listening to music and where I was not. It's weird.

Music is the way of my life. I love it.

To associate this with roommates and I are always blasting music. We share music. We sing together. We dance around our room sometimes. haha! We have a Geneva playlist which is kick-ass. It has lots-o-Glee on it.

Some songs from our trip:
-What do you know about little secrets - White Panda
-Valerie -Glee Version
-All Summer - Kid Cudi

So. Many. More. LOVE!!!

Sorry for the random...

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  1. You went and said Steely Dan and now my brain is going are you reeling in the yeeeearssss? Stowing away the tiiiiiiiiime?

    <3 your taste in music.
    Also, I <3 you and miss you. I had a Harry Potter question the other day and I went to text you and remembered I couldn't :(