Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ok, Awesome

For real I need to light a fire under my American tookas and get a crack-a-lackin'. I have so much work to get done between my internship and class and I really don't care. At all.

Problem? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Bigger Problem? Yes.

Travelling is SO much more fun! I see things that sitting in a classroom just could not give me. Ever. Like this weekend for example. Went to Locarno, Switzerland and Milan, Italy. How awesome is that?!

And I decided to go on Thursday. Crazy!!!

My friend Elliot rented a car and Alyssa and I jumped on in and we headed off to Italian Switzerland. We took the scenic route-and by scenic route, I mean SCENIC ROUTE.


It's sad that my little camera can't capture how flipping gorgeous it all is! But it did it's best!

After a deathly terrifying ride through the narrowest roads I have ever been on, for real, picture the width of a full size bed and that's the width of this TWO LANE ROAD winding around the side of the mountain with jagged rock sticking out at you on one side and a cliff plunging you to your death on the other. Fun right? we made it to Locarno. What a gorgeous city! But a little warning to you: if you go there and want to go out at night, go out by nine or ten because the whole city closes down at one. It's such an odd time...Ho
wever we did find this super awesome bar that had a live band. It was soooo awesome. They were rocking and the people there were having so much fun! Plus there was a cutie at the bar. Love those Italians!!

Note: Italian Swiss people are much nicer than French Swiss. Just sayin'.

On Saturday we walked the city. Saw the castle that was around the corner from out hotel. It was from the 800s! Soo crazy! I'm sorry for my over use of the word 'crazy,' but I don't know how else to describe this epic wonderfulness. We also climbed the side of a mountain. A flipping mountain?! Really?! My feet still hurt. Worth it. At the top of said mountain was this beautiful sanctuary.

After sitting by the most gorgeous lake on the most perfect day, we left for Milan.

Side note: This was the way we decided to go to Milan. On the way to Locarno on Friday, Elliot asks: "What do you guys want to do tomorrow? There a lots of places that aren't too far like, Logano, or we could go into Italy. Milan isn't that far away." Alyssa and I say: "We'll think about it." -30 seconds later, look at each other, smile, nod- "We'll go to Milan."

Milan. Gorgeous. So cool. Ahhh!!

We wanted gelatto. Like, real bad. So first things first: gelatto. NOM. Most delicious thing of my life. *swoon for gelatto, swoon* We had to find some money first, so on our quest for the ATM, we stumbled upon an open air market. I love random finds like that! The street was just lined with produce vendors and clothing vendors. And the clothes weren't just crap you find at American flea markets. First of all, they are called flea markets. Those clothes are probably filled with fleas. Ick. These were all designer items. Elliot was having a field day. He got a really awesome pair of jeans. Brand you may ask? Sex Jeans. It's hilarious. We couldn't stop laughing! So now when he wears them I yell out, "There goes Sex walking!" Bahahah! I'm funnier in my own head. It's ok. I know that white padded room is waiting for me. We also went to the fashion district where he was also soo excited! It's funnier because he's a guy, who is straight, and loves shopping and clothes whereas I'm a girl and the thought of shopping exhausts me and makes me cranky. There were some awesome shops there though. Obviously all super high end. Going into them made me and Alyssa have panic attacks while Elliot tried on 2,000 euro (as in the money) coats.

We wandered the city a little bit too. Guess what we found?! The largest Gothic Cathedral (second largest Cathedral) in the world! Just sittin' there on the piazza. I couldn't fit the whole thing in a picture that's how huge it was. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out how to get in said Cathedral, but the outside was pretty awe-inducing.

Right?! And let me just say, it NEVER fails that there is an Asian tourist in any of my photos when I'm travelling. It's ridiculous. Like when I went to Disney when I was eleven and this one Asian boy is in about fifty of my pictures. lol!

The ride home was not that exciting, except the 10,000 castles we saw along the way. We got lost several times because the Navigation on our car was confusing us. We also ended up paying more in tolls, which we honestly didn't care about because we were all so tired and we just wanted to get home. Elliot can now say that he has speeding tickets in THREE countries and I can say that I have an Italian Police officer friend.

All in all a fabulously fantastic weekend that was rounded off by a delicious cookout in the park with a bunch of my house mates.

Ohh what a life....

P.S.- I forgot to show you our car. Her name was Beth. Beth the BMW.

Note: the BMW was the CHEAPEST car that we could rent.

I think that my favorite part, you know, besides it being a BMW, was when Beth would give us a direction somewhere and Elliot would say, "Thanks, babe."

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