Monday, February 28, 2011

Wingin' It Berlin Style!

You know what's fun? Doing something random. Like deciding to go to a foreign country after about five minutes of thought.

God I love Europe.

So I was supposed to go to Hungary last Thursday
with two people from my trip but they both got super sick so it ended up not happening. I was soooo disappointed because my great-grandfather is from Budapest, Hungary and I would have been the first person to return there since he traveled to the United States in 1914. How EPIC would that have been?!

But alas, it did not happen...

But it's ok because I got to go to Berlin.


Awesome. :D

My friend Paul suggested a day trip since I was so disappointed about Hungary. I was so totally in!

We left Friday night and took a night train. We arrived a little before eight a.m. on Saturday morning and the awesome commenced.

It was freezing cold and we were tired, but it was totally worth it. The first things we saw were the Reichstag (the government building) and the Brandenburgher Tor (the Gate to the city). They were beautiful!!

[I don't know why these are so far apart so I'm just going to write here so as to fill space...lalalalala!!!]

After that bit o' gorgeous, we got some breakfast. Now, let me just say that had the rest of the entirely SUCKED it would have been a-ok after the struessel that I ate. Oh. My. God. YUM! My mouth is watering thinking about it...and making me hungrier for food that I DON'T have because these trips are killing me on the money front...AHHH!!! After that we walked around looking for the Berlin Wall. Well, we found the ghetto-tastic East Berlin instead. Which, honestly was ok because, hey, how else will you get the feel for a city other than wandering aimlessly around the sewage smelling parts of the city?? Right?!

For lunch we each got a different German sausage (it's not dirty...) and some beer. Mmm beer... Mine came with a pretzel! Woot! I love pretzels! How did you k
now Berlin?!

We also saw the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

No joke. This is what it's called. I swear. If you think I'm lying I'll wait for you to look it up. :P


Ok, now that you've proven yourself to be a silly ninny for not believing me we can proceed with my awesome adventure.

So then we decided to try to find the Wall again. Like the good little tourist that we are we went to the information center and asked for directions. They dude only gave us directions for the tram and when we asked if we could walk there he laughed at us...Meanie butt...

We took off walking anyway because we are cheap-os and plus we wanted to see if we could see some more coolness that is Berlin. And aren't we glad we did...

Pretty, right?

Anyway, we got lost. Again. Because of Paul's super awesome navigational skills...Why haven't I leaned my lesson?! After getting back on track we found it and it was wicked awesome. There is a TON of artwork on it, all pertaining to the need for peace and different dates that were important in the history of the Berlin Wall. The part of the wall that is left is about 1300 meters (or just under one mile) long and we walked about half of it. Our feet were DYING ok?!

We then rounded the day off with another authentic German meal which ended with this little ditty...

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