Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wave that rainbow flag!

I feel like I'm slacking at life right now. I don't do anything. I mean, I go to work and I go to class, but other than that I don't know what I do with my life. Thank the Lord I'm getting out of here this weekend, otherwise I would want to run away screaming like I was on fire. UGH.

By the way. I feel like 'UGH' is an excellent form of expression. I don't know why, it just is.

So instead of doing yet another lame post about absolutely nothing, I'm just going to contiune with this 30 Days of Truth thing that I should have had done, like, last October. I'm so lazy...

Views of Gay Marriage:

I say, let the people do what they want! Who the hell am I or anyone else for that matter to tell someone that they can or cannot get married?! I think that it's wrong that men and women of the gay persuasion aren't allowed to have the same marital status as the heteros of this world.

This is what I think about being gay:

No one would choose to be gay. Trust me. I've asked my friends that are gay. Why would anyone choose to have that hard of a life?? It would be like stabbing yourself in the hand every day of your life. That's just plain dumb. Life is honestly easier as a straight person. You aren't judged (as much) when you're straight. When you're gay you get weird looks and judgmental thoughts...people suck.

So, being gay is NOT a choice. Understand it. Love it. Own it.

Also. I believe in God and the whole he's perfect idea. I'm Catholic. Go with it. If God really is perfect, he wouldn't make people gay. That's why I think it's so wrong that religions condemn people for being gay. God made them. Are you saying God is wrong?! *GASP!* You terrible, terrible person...

I think that God wants people to be happy too. He wouldn't want them to be miserable for the way he made them and the fact that people judge and make them feel terrible for the way they are makes them that much worse. (I have no idea if that just made sense...I've reread it and I can't contemplate anything, so I'm sorry if I just killed my argument.)

Gay marriage=good. Support it.

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