Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain is the best

If I could ever pick the type of weather, I would always pick rain. It is perhaps the best thing and I love everything about it. Rain is beautiful. It smells good and it sounds just lovely. Every time it rains I feel like the world is being washed clean, and to me that is the most beautiful part of rain. There are also fun things to do in the rain. Like swimming and dancing and playing.

The reason for this post is that it has been raining all morning here in Ohio. While I was at work I just listened to it pound the metal roof of the building and I just marveled at how it sounded. I'm so easily amused...I know, but it's still a cool thing. I think my favorite thing to do when it is raining, OK two really, is to 1) curl up on the couch with a book and 2)to fall asleep to the sound of rain softly pattering on the side of my house. The other night I woke up to the rain, because it was pouring, and thought to myself, "Ahh, the best sound ever" and fell directly to sleep once again. Loved it!!!!

Rain on!

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