Saturday, July 3, 2010

That was short lived

SO yesterday was awesome. I had so much fun with a lot of different people. I even got to play a sport I never really thought I would be able to again. I loved it! My hopes of staying happy were short lived... :/ I woke up just crushed...I don't get how I can go from such a high to such a terrible low... My body feels shaky once again and all I want to do is cry and call the one person who I don't know how I'm living is just too difficult sometimes.

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  1. That overwhelming urge to cry that you can't prepare for is basically my downfall. I can be super happy, not thinking of anything sad and all of a sudden I'm teary eyed and choking back the sobs.

    Swimming was a blast, I'm so tan now! This week we'll make too good of friends with a bottle of wine and make some pies. Then we'll both blog about it and we'll feel totally rad :)