Monday, January 3, 2011

It's here! It's here!

I've been wanting to write for DAYS but I've been so flipping busy preparing for my trip that I just couldn't and I'm sorry. But...drumrool's here! And I cannot believe it. This past week felt like forever and yet extremely fast at the same time. My days were filled with so much organizing and packing and I just didn't know what to do with all of it that I stated hyperventilating like six different times. *breathe!*

Seriously though, I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm currently sitting in this group room in Newark, New Jersey and I feel like the airport has decided that we Kent students are icky and need to be sequestered so as to not bother the normal people. But hey, we're cool. And we don't bite....much. ;)

The flight from Cleveland was pretty good. However, the airport itself was-i guess the word would be- oy. Yes, oy sounds good. I got to the airport a little late so that was stressing me out on top of the pure exhaustion that I was experiencing. Then I sat at the airport cafe with my mom and brother. Which was weird because the brother was being grumpy and my mom was quiet in anticipation of my departure ( I think ). It was weird leaving...

So after a tearful good-bye, I got in line for security with my monumental amount of crap that are my carry-ons. I had three, yes three, of those gray bins PLUS my rolley bag. Too much stuff! But I did have only one checked bag so that was an accomplishment. :) I got throug security with no problem until I had to go through AGAIN. Apparently carrying water in a waterbottle is a no-no. My bad...

So after being escorted out of the security area so I could dump said bottle of water I had to go through security again. BAHHH! I was annoyed and the woman checking my ticket for the second time commented on my annoyed face. Guess what lady, you'd be pissed too if this were you so look away from my face so I don't punch you in the nose. Thank you.

The flight was good though. Not too bumpy and I actually had a good seat. I got to see downtown Cleveland AND Manhattan. It was cool! I got some pictures out of my window, I'll post them later.

Talk to you when I'm in Geneva!


  1. Hey Ellen.....I finally found your blog! Sorry you had a bad security check experience...but I guess you're on your stop Geneva!!!

  2. Your adventure has begun! You've survived the wilds of New Jersey. Now you can look forward to seeing your first sunrise over the Alps as you land in Geneva. Enjoy every moment. Love, Mom

  3. Your adventure has begun! You've survived the wilds of New you can look forward to seeing your first sunrise over the Alps. Enjoy every moment! The best is yet to come! Love, Mom.

  4. Three whole people commented before I did. You're so popular! Every time you say BAHHH I see you at the foot ball game with 1 and 2 fingers in the aid. That's your face in my mind. And it's beautiful. I know you're safe because your mom called me this morning. Love!