Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look away!!!

So I just had a revelation that I haven't written a 30 Days of Truth post in for.ev.er. BUT I just can't think of something good enough to blog about for the next one...it's just so...UGH....

So I'm just going to avoid it. Again. Because that's what I'm good at. Avoiding. HA.

Aaaaaannnyway, I can't believe that my trip is seriously six days away. SIX! Six months ago it felt like it wasn't ever going to be here and now it is and I'm just kind of freaking out!

Speaking of freaking out...my mother is freaking out more than I am I think but she just isn't expressing it well. I get you're freaked out there mom, but seriously, no one likes to be yelled at for telling you she's going to a movie after work. Seriously. Chill pill. You. Now. Thanks.

I need to get some of this packing done. Procrastination just sounds like such a better plan though. I mean, keeping everything strewn across my bedroom floor just sounds like such a much better plan. Although, it makes me not want to walk in there. I literally walked in there to get a book for a friend earlier and I wanted to just turn around, close the door, and pretend that didn't happen. Instead I forged the massive mountain of crap in front of my dresser on the way to my overflowing bookshelf and hoped that I wouldn't fall and get lost in the dark abyss of newly acquired business clothes (BORING!) that would consume me saying, "haaha! You bought us out of pity because you need us to work but really don't want us. It' payback time." I need a maid...any takers? I don't pay but I'll give you cookies!

It's sad but my room scares me. Is that wrong? I mean, I shouldn't be afraid to enter the sacred space of Ellen. It should be my zen space right? Instead it's my "pen place." (hahaha! oh...pun. I kill myself.)

Hmmm...this ties into the avoiding thing that I started with. Avoiding my room/cleaning it. Ahh how life just comes full circle sometimes. :)

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  1. I love you and I miss you already. I have almost sent you three texts that I can't even remember what they were now, which just means it was stupid and you would love them. Sorry I've forgotten. Breakfast was delicious, and I promise we'll go to stow cone for smiley faces and I will have gooey peanut buttery lava cake awaiting your arrival. You, are also more than welcome to write about anything you cook while you're on your adventures, the cooking blog needs you. I need you.