Thursday, December 9, 2010

People bug me

I know I wrote already today but this, this I just need to get off my large female chest...

People are dumb. I mean, DUMB. I don't understand them sometimes. I'm lucky that there are a quite few people that are NOT so dumb that I'm lucky enough to call my friends. Thanks GOD.

Anyway, there has been this guy that has been texting me a lot the past few days. We'll call him Patrick since that's his real name. (No, I'm not going to "protect his identity") He is the reason for this post.

I met him over the summer in one of my classes. He's a sweet guy and he likes me A LOT. Sometimes too much I think... He texts me non-stop. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes I want to throw my phone against the wall so as to stop it from ringing off the hook...though it may continue ringing even if I did that because he probably has some supernatural powers that enable him to magically make my phone recieve his text messages even though it's in a million pieces scattered across my floor. Then I'll just have to fling myself into the frozen pond behind my house in order to escape his obnoxiousness.

This is why he bugs me. And no, I don't think that I'm being horribly judgemental because my friends think he's being ridiculous too...

1.(as I said before) he NEVER stops talking to me... EXAMPLE!

Patrick: Ugh, your day hectic?
(6 hous later)
Patrick: Sorry I kept you up last night.
Me: It's ok! (puts phone away expecting conversation to be over)
Patrick: I'm sorry, regardless. Of course, if you weren't so fascinating I wouldn't have had a reason to keep you up. So, technically, it's your fault :P (BARF!)
(two and a half hours later)
Patrick: You seem to be a busy girl tonight.
Me: no response...

I know that I should be grateful that a guy is talking to me and everything, but come on...this is a little MUCH.

2. He will send me like 3 texts regarding different things if I don' respond within 35.4 seconds. EXAMPLE!

Patrick: (12:36) Ah. Well, apparently, you don't see yourself clearly. Your mind is amazing, your (sic) beautiful (by my definitin, wich is the hardest dfinition of beauty there is), and you have a strength and perseverance that shoue be revered. I'm sorry if i'm too forward with all of this, but you should know the truth.
Patrick: (12:39) See, most ofyou guys would never tell you that because they know that most girls like asshole guys. I've never been good at being an asshole.
Patrick: (12:44) What?
Patrick: (12:49) I'm sorry if I said something wrong.

Ok. Here's the things. I was in class. GIVING A PRESENTATION. Geez...

3. I feel like he lays the flattery on waaayyy too thick. It's nice to be complimented, but if you say stuff TOO often, it just seems to be ingenuine. Is that wrong of me? I mean, he's making me feel a little uncomfortable. Uncomfortable as in I want to run away in horror screaming as if I was set on fire. That, is how uncomfortable I feel. Well, ok, that may have been SLIGHTLY over exaggrated...but I feel as though it is necessary for this particular sitcheation.


Tell me I'm not crazy! (well, past the normal amount that I already am...)

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