Friday, January 14, 2011

I smell like fried chicken

I just spent like two and half hours in the kitchen baking cookies because we only have one cookie sheet... I'm so tired!!! Oh, and I smell like fried chicken because Dan was in there frying chicken. Get it? Got it? Good.
Today was a lot of fun. It's really weird not having classes on Fridays because I have ALWAYS had classes on Fridays. I love not having to deal with class and work everyday. I'm gonna be soooo spoiled by the time I get home in May.
Yesterday was awesome too. I went to my internship and met with my supervisor, Beris. and you have to say her name in a deep tone. none of this regular voice crap. it's only ok to say it in a deep tone of voice. She is an awesome Australian woman that looks like a flipping line backer. She's super tall and has broad shoulders. My God I hope she never reads this...I really like her... I'll be working with Beris and with Laura on two different projects. With Beris I'll be looking into the accountability and transparency of the World Vision International offices throughtout the world and with Laura I'll be doing something with the environment. She's letting me pick from this list of goals she has, I think I'm going to calculate the carbon footprint of World Vision-Geneva. That just sounds awesome. Then I can be all like, "You suck World Vision- Geneva! Stop putting that crap in the air. Jerks." And by saying that I really mean I'll say, "Um, it looks like there could be some improvements. Uhhh but you don't have to I guess...."

Last night was supah fun. We went to Pickwick's, which is an American bar. We're sooo expanding our horizon's here...Then we went to go to Shaker's, which is a club near our dorm, but somehow Taylor, Terrence, Dan, and I just did not notice people leaving and seeing as we had no idea where in the heck we were going, we stayed there and talked to some awesome Genevians (Genevites?). They asked us how we liked Geneva and when we said we loved it and that it was beautiful, the girl, Helena, said "Really? I think it's crap." hahahaha! Iguess it's true for anywhere you come never like it as much as some place else. Though, I do miss Stow right about now...but not Kent.

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  1. I think it's Genovians... you know, like in the Princess Diaries.