Sunday, January 23, 2011

I don't even know...

I'm so lazy!!!!!

All I did today was watch movies. And Skype people, which is awesome. But no work. Again. Haven't done anything productive since flipping Wednesday. WEDNESDAY?!?!?!

Oy... yes, I'm an old Jewish woman.

I've been so tired. I think it's from doing nothing and just eating. Like today when I had a gigantic kebab and then watched The Departed. Which is a really good movie minus the first and last twenty minutes of the film....damn you Scorsese! I don't like his movies. I shouldn't be surprised that the last twenty minutes was a waste of my life.

This have gotten better around here. I talked out the "dramas" of my life and I'm feeling better. I met two Irishmen last night at Spring Bros. and I made a new friend with the barmaid I know that sounds bad, but she's American and she wants to hang with some's hard being not around people you have a common culture with even though she is half Swiss, but that's besides the point..., her name is Olivia. We're gonna hang out soon. :)

The Amsterdam people are returning home tomorrow morning and I'm glad that they are. I've missed all of them!

Tori is leaving tomorrow. I'm going to miss her. Like, a lot. She cracks me up and she definitely makes this house a lot more fun and entertaining. Like today when she and I rocked out to peanut butter jelly time and hot potato...we're awesome. Be jealous.

There really isn't too much going on...I've been too lazy...which is NOT good. *shakes fist at self*

I'm going to find the hostel for Mallorca and start planning my Spring Break adventure! Yay Ireland! :)

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