Saturday, January 15, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood..., not Mr. Roger's neighborhood. That guy was just creepy in his sweater vests. I don't know why my mom ever let me watch that show...

I woke up later than I wanted to today, but the reason was that it took forever to fall asleep. Why did I take a two hour nap after baking?!?! Ahhhh!!!!

I made some chocolate chip cookies last night. They were delicious. Though I was a tad disappointed with how they turned out because they weren't the same as back home. But everyone loved them. I know that not just from people saying they were yummy but by the fact that they were gone in less than three hours. I think I made five dozen.

Anyway, back to today. I think Anya's ADD is wearing off on me...or have I always been this scatter brained? Probably the latter.

I woke up and it was just glorious outside. I got dressed and grabbed my books. I went down to the river and read for about fifteen minutes before I got to chilled from the wind when in reality I just didn't want to read and I wanted to wander the city. So I did. :)

I liked just walking. Our group has kind of stayed to the area around our dorm and Old Towne. So I went the opposite direction. I think it was the 'ritzy' part of town. I passed a Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Hugo Boss, and many others. I was like, "Uhhmmmmmm, Swiss people, please don't judge me for my jeans and black jacket over a t-shirt with Gaelic profanity..."

The city is beautiful though. I love it here! As I wandered I just soaked in the beauty of it all. The buildings are huge and have the "European" feeling. Do you think it's because I'm IN Europe? *gasp*

I went into a couple of shops too. One was a bookstore. I know you're shocked that I went into a bookstore... This woman that works there came up to me and said something in French. Hell if I know what she said. She said it while smiling and pointed around the store. I just smiled and nodded back. Damn you language barrier and my laziness not to learn another laguage!!!! Though honestly, I would only learn so much here in elementary french I so what's the point, right?! Though emmersion would rock...CRAP. I also went into this jewlery sho that looked like it would be kind of funky and not too expensive. Well, I was WRONG. I picked up this really cool ring but it cost one hundred francs. ONE HUNDRED FRANCS?!!?! are you kidding me?!

I also found this really cool prouce market that I had heard about. It's just an open air thing. I wanted to buy some veggies but all the vendors were just setting up so I thought, "I'll be back!" But I didn't...Why am I sooo lazy?? I'm actually blaming this one on my sore ankle. I think that's a waaayyyyy better excuse.

After that little adventure of awesome I went back toward the river and ended up by the massive fountain that shoots water into the air. It's a major landmark of the city and it's soooo cool. I also sat by Lake Geneva, which isn't it's real name because the French own half the lake and don't like the Genevians (again, Genevites? Genovians?-that's Princess Diaries, right??) taking all the credit. Silly, cranky French.

The only thing not cool today was that I left my camera on my desk. Ughh...There were some awesome picture opportunities. I'm mad at myself.


  1. How can you not love Mr Rogers?

  2. I need you to say things in American dollars too, I don't know your crazy French monies.

    Also, I think walking around the city seems lovely, I can't walk anywhere without fear of eating it on the ice SO HARD!!! I have been really careful though. I wear my slippers outside as often as possible. Rubber bottoms. It's a smart choice.

    Tell Geneva I said hi.

    Keep being awesom.