Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glittery lights outside my window!

Geneva is seriously the most beautiful city I've ever been in. I've been to many different cities across the United States, but it just cannot compare to Europe. Especially since it isn't a billion years old with a ton of cranky foreigners yelling French at me.

Today out little family went on a walking tour of Old Towne, which I explored a bit with Paul yeserday. The history of it is really cool and the buildings are for realz spectacular. Like holy crap! spectacular. I was just snapping photos. Like this one!!

And this one!

Plus, look at this church. I mean, gorgeous.

We also went grocery shopping today. That was an experience. The stupid store had like no order and I wanted to scream at the ninnys who set it up. So after walking the store about five or six times I decided I had everything. It was difficult though, to say the least. Everything was i French. I mean, I know I'm in a French speaking country, but come on. People speak English here too, right? haha...

It was a stressful day. Lots and lots of walking and freezing my non-existant tush off. I needed chocolate and a beer. Both of which a got, so huzzah!

And I got to talk to my mom so that was good since I hadn't spoken to her since I left. I miss that lady.

All in all, good day numero 2. Just long and tiring. Looking forward to my cozy bed with the three pillows I took. :) hehe...I'm awesome like that. Girls gotta have something to cuddle with, right?


  1. Girl I need your address so I can send you a pillow pet. Also, learn French :P

  2. Only three? Also, you're cute.

  3. I'm glad you made it to Geneva safely....those pictures are incredible...have soooo much fun while you are there. We're all thinking about you back home...oh btw...Victor's surgery went very well we heard today..and he is recovering fine at home now..Look forward to your next post!! LOVE YOU!!!