Friday, January 21, 2011

I love my random adventures!!!

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was so unproductive it wasn't even funny. But hey...I had some fun. So that's all that counts, right? RIGHT?! Ok, good. Glad we're in agreement.

I was planning on going into work at nine yesterday morning. That didn't happen. I haven't been sleeping well this entire week...between loud house mates and feeling sad and missing home, it just wasn't happening. I finally slept Wednesday night though, so
I just emailed work and told them that I was working from home. Beris really shouldn't have told me I could do that if I needed to... And by work from home, I mean I turned on my computer, read one article about Indian cook stoves and then read blogs. Go. Me.

Then Elliot and I went on an adventure! It was sooo much fun!
We walked over to Old Towne to check out the Cathedral that's there. It used to be Catholic then the Reformation happened and they were all like, "No, no, silly Catholics! We don't like you! You can't stay here you ninnies!" So they took out all the awesome decor of the interior of the church. It's still for real beautiful in there. It's actually really cool to look at the walls, because on the stone you can see the scratching that was done to remove all of the whateveritwasthatwasonthewalls to make it simple.

I was blown away, yet again, by the beauty of this Cathedral. I love how big and airy it is. I may go to church h
ere one Sunday, just to say that I did. Don't worry, Mom, there is a Catholic church right
up the street that I'm going to go to this weekend. Don't you worry...

Elliot, being the awesome fellow that he is, found the tower entrance. And so the adventure continued...

We payed, and by that I mean Elliot paid yay me for not having ANY cash on me..this comes up again later..., and began out trek up the narrowest stairs I've ever climbed in my life. When we reached the top of the stairs, we looked around and we like, "Really? Is this worth four francs?! I don't think so...Oh look, more stairs!" So we kept walking up MORE narrow steps. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. Actually, I don't think that beautiful fully describes what it looks like. Look, here's a picture!

I don't think that was not good enough. You want another? Ok, you're gonna be jealous. Just sayin'.

Told ya. :D

So after that awesomely cold, windy excursion we popped into a creperie. NOM. And because I'm such a tourist I took a picture of my food...

So remember how I had no cash? Well, Elliot didn't either after the Tower bizniz. The door said that the stupid place took credit cards. So, I went to pay with my handy-dandy credit card, but it wouldn't work. Which freaked me out a bit. So Elliot gave them his. Didn't work. So I gave them my other one. Didn't work.



Couldn't be us if THREE cards wouldn't work. So Elliot went to the closest ATM for some cash. And by closest I mean a ten minutes walk and yes I measure distance in minutes...I'm from Akron, yo from where we were.

Still fun? I think so. :D

Made some yummy fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans last night for dinner. OMG it was soooo good! I haven't had such a good meal in a few weeks. Probably the lasagna I made. But in reality it was the roast my momma made me before I left. :) Nothing beats dinner cooked by your mom.

Today I went on a walk in the most frigid weather we've experienced here. SO. COLD. But I got a really pretty black lace dress and another more casual dress to wear with leggings. WOOT!

Also. Scheduled a trip to Mallorca, Spain for the first weekend in April. Sooo sooo excited for some beach time. Plus it was great. Switzerland decided to love me today and send me my Stay Permit AND my Eurail pass. *does happy dance*


  1. Your writing style is wonderful in this! :D

  2. Yay adventures! Sounds like a blast, love. Finna reach through the internet and snatch that crepe. I'm so excited for you :) stop missing home and continue adventuring! Home will still be there when you get back, so enjoy the time you have!

    And just remember,you can get the cute European boys to pay for your things, too :P