Thursday, September 23, 2010

The seasons change and so do we

Losing a best friend is one of the hardest things to go through. And I've gone through it multiple times. But somehow, losing a friend to distance or distraction is worse. You say, "Don't worry! We'll always be friends, you have nothing to worry about!" But then you go to a different school or you get a job and you don't see them anymore. You use your modern technology to stay in touch: texting(because no one likes to talk on the phone anymore), facebook, myspace (does anyone actually use that anymore??), e-mail...but nothing just ever seems to be enough. We all get wrapped up in our own busy lives and forget about those people that "we could never live without" in high school. And things just never seem to be the same.

Someone you didn't want to lose, but just drifted:

I loved being in theatre in high school. I made some of the greatest friends and the greatest memories while being at school until all hours of the night. My freshman year we did my favorite show, A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespere. During this show I met one of the best people I could ever meet. I felt like we were destined to be friends for a very long time. His name was Justin and he was a year older than me. Funnily enough he got kicked out of that show for smacking some jeans together to scare some girls...yeah, I went to a funny school! hahahaha!

From then on we were pretty inseperable. His girlfriend hated me because he and I were so close, but I didn't care because we both knew there was nothing for her to worry about. We were friends and that's it.

We were always laughing. Hysterically. We made jokes about each other and about other people. It was all in good fun. Then we would get on stage and have a blast performing.

In my junior year, his senior, we, along with a few others, thought it would be a really smart idea to eat a box of microwavable popcorn in our forty-eight minute study hall. Oh. My. God. I didn't eat popcorn for like a year I felt so disgusting. I smelled like popcorn. Ugh....the memory makes me belly churn.

Anyway, he graduated and went off to college. We promised we would stay in touch but it kind of never happened...I remember trying to stay in touch via the book of faces but he was busy trying to get in the groove of college and I get that. I get that it just bums me out because we were so close once.

Today we comment to each other every blue moon. And in the summer we'll see each other and catch up over a cup of coffee but that's about it. Every time we see each other we have a blast though, so I know we still "got it." Whatever "IT" is anyway...

I miss you, Justin!!!


  1. Once I bought one of those "wallflower" things from bath and body works and I was an idiot and bought cherry blossom for the scent because I had this perfume I liked that was the same. HUGE mistake. I used it for one night (you know how small my room was) and now the scent of cherry anything makes me go all woozy stomached. You can't even smell while you sleep if that says anything for how strong it was. Small room + big smelly thing = bad idea.

  2. Also, I tagged you in a blog game , you should do it, then let me know when you do so I can read it. Blog games... we're so fetch.