Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's what she said...

You know what? I love my dirty mind. I cracked so many dirty jokes today that three bars of soap wouldn't have cleaned my mouth/brain.

It began when I was talking to Denise and my dirty little mind spun into action! She has this "lover" that I lovingly refer to as BAM! Yes, draw the necessary conclusions...you're not dumb. and I said, "Oh, bam...(wow, that sounds wrong)-whoch led to one of the greatest conversation of my life. We contiuned to say we were wrong but really, what other way is there to be?!

Me: Muahaha I love to laugh so wy not spread the joy?!
Denise: That too sounds like it could be dirty...I'll spread your joy... ;)

Seriously, dirty inuendos rule me life!

Which obviously led to the "creeping-on-other-peoples-cnversations" conversations. I mean, you can literally make anything dirty from eavesdropping...

An example you ask? Why, yes, here is an example:

Girl 1: Man, I was up all night, slaving away.
Girl 2: That sucks...did you get done?
Girl 1: NO...I was working so hard and no matter what I did I just couldn't finish.
Girl 2: That's too bad...are you going to have to go at it again tonight?
Girl 1: I have to, otherwise he'll think I'm worthless.

^^Bahahaha!^^ Oh, my dirty little mind...

[Side note: I'm really disappointed because I was looking online for some funny inuendos to add here but I couldn't find any good ones...Oh, internet, you sadden me...]

Anyway, I love a good dirty joke, so lay some on me! (DIRTY!)

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