Friday, November 26, 2010

Make new friends but keep the old

Oh bloggy bloggy blog...I've missed you so! I've just been so busy and I've been neglecting you...I hope you'll forgive me. I'll buy you some chocolate and we'll watch a movie and things will be ok. Promise!

So out of lack of things to say right now I thought I'd actually continue my 30 Days of Truth.


So I have this friend. Her name is Denise. I kind of love her. Like, a lot. I've known her since we were super little. We used to live three houses down from eachother until I had to move...(sad).

Growing up we did lots of things together. We would hang out after school (sometimes us and her boyfriend at which point they would start making out while I was trying to talk to her, at which point I would trail off into silence...)

We were totally awesome swim team kids! We would smim our little hearts out at the ass-crack of dawn and help heat up the pool water... :) We'd also make up songs about potatoes and sing about breadsticks. YUM! After swim practice we'd read Harry Potter. That was awesome. Oh the good ol' days...

Anyway, we started high school and kind of drifted... We both became consumed by work, school, boys, and new friends. But we always had summer. Not too long after that we started college and then we had a few years apart. I didn't realize just how much I missed her until we reconnected this past spring.

We reconnected under sad times but we totally got through things together. I'm so glad that we talk and see each other on a regular basis. She makes me laugh and smile and feel good about myself. She doesn't make fun of me when I do something/say something completely stupid(because I do that ALL THE TIME). We like to cook together. She even has a cooking blog!

I kind of love her. She's pretty cool. :)

I mean, who else would dress up like this with me?!

We're kind of awesome...

You should be totally jealous about how hot we are!

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