Monday, November 29, 2010


OH MY F-ING BA-JESUS it's so cold!!! I hate cold. I hate winter and unfortunately I live in Ohio where the seasons are as follows:

1. Almost Winter
2. Winter
3. Still Winter
4. Construction

So. What does this mean for me?

It means that no matter what I do I have to wear about fifty-two layers in order to not freeze to death. It's always great because I look ridiculous. Uhhh...I mean ridiculously awesome in my lime green parka. I'm outside in that 'fresh' Ohio air and im shivering like an eighty-five year old with parkinson's. (omg, I'm a horrible person! I'm going to hell...) Yeah, it's so cool. (HA! No pun intended...or was it?!)

But it's that time again where Ohio is going to be colder that Antarctica on a balmy spring day. It's almost December (ugh) and it's going to snow. (NO IT'S NOT!!!) I hate snow...I think it should be added to that list of forbidden four letter's a scary word and I don't like it.

The only reason I like snow is when it brings snow days. Which Kent does not like to give me. So therefore I am not a fan of it...

Things I do like about the snow:
1. It's pretty (as long as I'm inside)
2. I can make things with it! (like snowmen and snow angels!)
3. I can drink hot chocolate with TONS of marshmallows and not get weird looks for drinking in on a hot day in the middle of the summer
4. Snow days

Four things. That's it.

Snow is gross.

Ok, now I have to continue this list of "You know you're from Ohio if.." things because some of them are just TOO hilarious!

1. You measure distances in minutes
(HAHAHA! I totally do this ALL the time! I never know how many real miles it is to anywhere...)
2. You've had to turn on the A/C and the heat in the same day
(Oh, Ohio, what would we do without you..? Oh, I know, we would have normal temperatures...)
3. You design your kid's Halloween costumes to fit over a winter coat
(I remember wearing my winter coat...oh the good old days)
4. Driving in winter is better because the potholes are filled with snow.
(Driving in Ohio at any time of the year blows...)

I love random ranting...


  1. Snow isn't so bad, it really is beautiful.

    And, by the way, I have discovered that my tea pot makes wonderful hot chocolate... and a TON! Lets drink some, together. I'll bring a snuggie.

  2. I think we should drink some together too. I love the hot chocolate!

  3. Excellent description of Ohio's seasons, it's extremely accurate :)