Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, here goes nothing...

So I've never actually thought about writing a blog. To be completely honest, I've always thought it a bit strange just because it's online and the whole Internet thing can scare the begeesus out of me...but here goes nothing.

I'm a twenty year old, living in Ohio, trying to make it through college and keeping myself as busy as possible. In the past couple of months I've had my life turned upside down...well for me anyway. I'm not trying to be dramatic, it's just the way I'm feeling. My boyfriend, and best friend, of the past two and a half years broke my heart suddenly. YAY life...not. Anyway, I'm just trying to do new things and experience life. Hence the blog. I'm trying to write out how I'm feeling and what I'm doing...not that I'm expecting anyone to read this silly thing of mine.

I feel like I have one thing that is totally major to look forward to: Geneva, Switzerland. That's where I'll be studying abroad next year and I'm totally psyched! It's gonna be legen-wait for it-dary! (Ok, fyi, I LOVE How I Met Your Mother...Best. Show. Ever.)

So, I hope you join me as I take each day to get out of my heartbreak and work toward this amazing goal in my very short future :)

P.S.- I like to think I'm witty, apologies if I'm not.

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  1. So heartfelt and honest, and totally relatable, yay for first post! :) Keep up the writing, it gets better with time, the pain too!