Saturday, August 7, 2010

A couple of weeks ago my grandma finally sold her house. Since then my mom has been up at her house almost everyday cleaning it out and helping her pack before she moves into her new senior abode. It's funny though because sometimes I feel like my mom thinks that cleaning out my grandma's house means just moving it all to out house! (Which, by the way, has waaayy too much crap in it anyway...) Yesterday I went up to her house with my mom and helped wrap her beautiful antique China that she is sending to my aunt in Wisconsin. Can you say, "Holy, Crap?!" It was so so pretty and I was kind of sad to see it being packed up and sent away, but it's pretty much the only thing my aunt wanted, and seeing as I'm a grandkid and not a kid, I figured I'd let them all choose what they wanted first. Fair right? I thought so.

Anyway, I did get some stuff yesterday...I got these really pretty raspberry colored globes that could probably be used for a vase, but I'll probably just put them on a bookshelf. But it's ok because they were my grandmother's and my great-grandmother's before that, so yay! And then, I got something awesome. Cookbooks! The last year I've been wanting to learn to cook and I've been learning some things and getting better at it, but I think these books are pretty flippin' sweet! One of them, that I find super great, is called "Any Idiot can Cook with Simple Southern Recipes." Love it!! Plus it has these hilarious cartoons drawn on the inside by the recipes, which just makes it that much better. Hopefully I'll be able to make some of them and post some of the recipes I find successful on here.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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