Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Goes my skin! EEEeewwww....Sorry.

So, Mallorca. GORGEOUS. And slightly painful in the sunburn department, but that's what I get for being my pale winter self and laying out on the beach for something like five hours. But I digress...

EARLY on Friday morning Alexis, Alyssa, Eden, Kristi, Zach, and I headed to the airport to catch our flight to this lovely island off the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. When we boarded the plane, the sun still wasn't up, but that's ok, because we got to board not via one of those stupid hallway things but like this!!!

I felt all old school and like I needed a hat like old-fashioned ladies would wear when they would fly.

When we landed in Mallorca, we grabbed a cab, and by that I mean two cabs because apparently there is some sort or lame law that there can only be five people in one cab, including the driver. I really just think it's to further rip off the many tourists that go there, but hey, what do I know?

Our hotel was nothing short of amazing. First off, it was an apartotel, which means it had a little kitchen area and a little living room area. So awesome! We had two rooms* which both looked over this beautiful courtyard and a really cool pool and all the men that were there. And I say that not as a swooning twenty year old but as a cold hard fact that I'm pretty sure we were five of maybe twelve women there. No. Joke. And they were all from the United Kingdom so obviously I didn't needto spend all that money in London a couple of weeks ago because I literally experienced mini-England in Spain.

*Just a note: these two rooms, for two nights, literally cost fifteen euro for both nights, which is about twenty US dollars. This just made it that much more awesome.

We spent most of the day at the beach on Friday. It was

spectacular. First off, the water was crystal clear. It was cold but ok to put your feet into for like 30 seconds. The sun was amazing and I got a lot of sunburn and now I'm all goldeny. :)

Favorite tan line: fell asleep on my back, woke up to my bikini bottom string across my waist. Moved it and BAM tan line.

Saturday I walked around with Zach and Eden and we shopped and jus

t bummed around. It was a really nice day. I bought a floppy hat! that I'm totally in love with and will be taking with me to Aruba when I go there next summer with two of my favorite people ever! But that's a later story...

You know what I loved about this trip? Well, two things actually...

1) I got to relax. It wasan actual vacation and it was lovely. I returned home on Sunday and the only thing that hurt was my lobster-ness. 2) No. Drama. Everyone that went I liked and we all had fun. We laughed. We talked. It was fantastic. :D

Oh, Mallorca, be in my life again.

Eden, Me, Alexis, Kristi, and Alyssa

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  1. When you come home, the pool will open in 20 days! I am so jealous of you, even if you became a replica of a lobster.