Monday, October 11, 2010


So in less than three months I will be writing from my new locale of Geneva, Switzerland. I'll be sharing my bloggy thoughts about getting an espresso and running to my classes with the Alps in the background. (Ok, I seriously have a hard enough concentrating here with stuff outside the window. What the HELL am I going to do there?!) I'll be writing about how exciting it is to be able to hop on a train on a whim and go to Amsterdam for the weekend and walking around town in my wooden clogs (yes, I will be buying those!).

The process of getting there is a bit daunting the end of this week I have to have my cover letter and resume ready to turn in to apply for various interning opportunities as well as have a bunch of scholarship stuff turned it. It's all too much and my head is a-buzz.

I've been looking forward to this trip for SSSOOOOooooooo long! I can't wait for all of those awesome experiences. And I truly believe it's going to help get me over the last of my depression. (It's my own Eat, Pray, Love!--but more than likely without the love part. Just lots of eating and praying--so much for losing 30 pounds this year! haha!) I cannot wait for that freeing feeling.

I'm scared though. I'm scared of leaving and going somewhere by myself. There will be other students there from Kent but I won't know most of them. My friend, Liz, was supposed to go with me but she has decided to push her trip back a semester...that bums me out a lot too. I was really looking forward to this trip with her. We were gonna have a lot of fun. She's still knitting me a scarf and some gloves to keep me warm, so that's cool. HA!

I'm really afraid of how much I'm going to miss people. I have such a great support system here. Without my mom and my friends I would not be doing as decent as I am. I would be totally lost without them and being about 4,000 miles away scares the BEGEEZUS out of me. I'm such a home-body. I sobbed every day when I went to sleep away camp. My mom told me the camp called and asked if she wanted to come and get me. (She said no...thanks for letting me suffer, ma!) I know I can do this, it's just hard to think about and makes my stomach turn from nerves.

I can do this. I can do this. AHHHHH!!!!!

Happy Monday!

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